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A Recursive Model of Reality

Definition of RECURSIVE
1: of, relating to, or involving recursion
2: of, relating to, or constituting a procedure that can repeat itself indefinitely

Definition of RECURSION
1: return 1
2: the determination of a succession of elements (as numbers or functions) by operation on one or more preceding elements according to a rule or formula involving a finite number of steps
3: a computer programming technique involving the use of a procedure, subroutine, function, or algorithm that calls itself one or more times until a specified condition is met at which time the rest of each repetition is processed from the last one called to the first

Having these definitions in mind, I am about to propose something rarely heard of these days: that the universe is a self-sustaining physical system with no need for a beginning or an end, in terms of time.

The basis of this is the laws that rule the universe, as well as a simple idea: that time is not a real dimension, but rather an abstraction created by our brains from the course of events and neurological impact (memories) they create.

An example of recursion can be found in the acronym “GNU”, which stands for “GNU ‘s not Unix”, which can be indefinitely expanded into “GNU ‘s not Unix ‘s not Unix ‘s not Unix ‘s not Unix ‘s not Unix…”.

In functional terms, the universe works such:
nextMoment = lawsOfPhysics (previousMoment)

I would believe that each iteration for the sum of the universe is equal to one length of Planck time. Incidentally, this length isn’t constant, which can have very interesting implications.

Now, since this length of time is so short, it means we can do very, very interesting things, even within our own neurology. However the most interesting thing is this:

This means that the Universe is re-calculated each time something changes. The present moment is the only reality extant. Everything else is fluid and adapts to it.

For example, if you have a traumatized person, and you wipe their memory of that event, they’re no longer traumatized. In fact, as far as they are concerned, they never were. Just like the slit experiment in the article above, reality adapts to the current state of being.

In this way, we have a quite deterministic model of reality. However the two things I want to address are: telepathy, and “magic”, i.e. things which can reach to different states of being (also called “trance”).

Working with ceremonial magic and hypnosis, I have gained a strong belief that by going into trance, a person can easily become significantly more efficient at processing information within their own neurology.

The important part is this: reality calculates itself based on previous states. That means that by calculating things in your own neurology and space, you can influence future iterations towards a certain result.

Now, if, and this is a big if, I am correct, then we can “program” reality by performing certain actions, regardless of how causally disconnected they might seem from the end result.

The main idea is this: decide on an outcome you want, and work towards it by treating the outcome as the obvious result of your actions, regardless of what they are. Since only the present moment exists, being confident in your success gives that success a reason to take place.

As an example, reframing the above: consider wanting to make more money. What you want to do is focus on the end result, and develop it as much as you want, and only on that; naturally, an opportunity for you to reach that outcome will arise, as reality assimilates your calculations (desires).

It is important to note why this is happening: it’s because you’re providing a ready result that you want, which means that it’s easier to incorporate that into future states of reality than to calculate another set, and then reconcile the two.

Now, since we can by ritual or trance simulate future outcomes and assimilate them into reality, what else can we do?

We can simulate past states of reality within our neurology. Obviously not all of them, however within a quite useful extent nonetheless. For example, by synching with a person’s current state, one would be able to gain knowledge of their previous states rather readily — this might explain the phenomenon of telepathy discussed in Ulman and Kripper’s “Dream Telepathy” as well as Puharich’s “Beyond Telepathy”. Or it might not.

Anyway, these are my weird abstract thoughts for the while — if they make sense, great. If not, too bad. I will probably return to this someday again.

Hopefully it’s useful to you guys.




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  1. tab-key

    An interesting correlation here to the origin of the hebrew alphabet and recursive geometry..

  2. Hi. I agree with your perspective of reality. Actually, the present moment is the only one, yet the exist in a space/time matrix with parallel events also. Therefore you can travel in time to the past, future, and alternative results from possible events.

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