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Greetings and salutations!

If you have found this page, welcome to the archive. This is a collection of writings, snippets and bits that I had previously collected on my personal wiki. Since I moved from shared hosting to a VPS, I have decided to streamline and keep all the things on one page.

There is little intention to keep this clean, I’m just copying text in here, cleaning it up, and calling it a day.

For all things which are sane, please don’t treat any of this writing as referring to real things. These records are here for historical reasons, not for any practical purpose.

Most of the things here are from the past, and should be left there. Consider this a gallery of occult humor.

Reader beware.


The Occult Nature of Drugs (by Fr. K.)

Drugs pop up a lot here, and often with some really specious assumptions (DMT opens the third eye, etc.).

Disclaimer: I do not recommend the acquisition and use of illicit materials. It’s dangerous. Moreover, the use of said compounds is not requisite for attainment.

Now if you don’t fucking care, we can continue. These various chemicals are not strictly speaking “occult” (though certain initiated preparations are). Generally what makes the use of them occult is the mysteries revealed therein, both of self and of Other. They have been used for millenia, even before domestication, and not just in the confines of “primitive” cultures; in all likelihood the Kyekon drink of the Eleusinian cult was some kind of ergot derived compound. Ergot, of course, contains ergotamines, the precursor to LSD. Cannabis was found as far back as 5000BCE among the affects of some kind of shaman or mystic in China. Soma could have been any number of compounds, from Orisa or A. muscaria mushrooms to some form of ephedra/cannabis admixture. Most likely, it was whatever the cults had access to at the time, not unlike ayahuasca. There is no single standard mixture for ayahuasca, from methods requiring B. caapi and hostilis to some with no DMT which contain viridis or other deleriants. So, how much and what should you use if you chose to ignore my warnings?

As for dosage, “The dose determines the poison” as Paracelsus once said. I’d take a page from the Saivist tantriks and assert that it’s not to wise to consume heroic doses before a serious ritual. When alcohol is used, only a few mouthfuls. For LSD <80 mics, and so forth. There may be notable exceptions to this, when the drug becomes the ritual journey in and of itself. This is often the case with ayahuasca ceremonies and use of peyote.

I don’t think certain high powered chemicals like DMT open us up to higher dimensionality in a spatial sense, though there’s some evidence we become aware of patterns that may lie above or below or normal cognitive mode. DMT is an interesting compound, and I’d venture a guess that it could be used to attain K&C in a properly activated Dominus Liminus. Even “weak” drugs can be useful to some effect, as tobacco is often used as a sacrament among the Amerinds, especially the rustica variety which was potent enough to induce hallucinations (at ~40% nicotine content).

These lists are tables of correspondence for the Tree of Life in the Western/Hermetic tradition. The first posted is Crowley’s. You’ll notice variation between Crowlely and Skinner. I’d even be so bold as to throw a few more out there. I’d add amphetamines to Chokhmah. Substituted cathinones (Bath salts, so-called) should be placed at Gevurah. I’d place LSD and a fair number of the 2-C class around path 13 (Gimel, the priestess), as well as their place around the middle pillar. Finally, I’d place disociatives around Iesod and the Veil of Paroketh. These are from my own researches, both academic and practical.

Finally, resources:

Some additional and tangentially related info:

Saivism in Thelema

What is Saivism?

It’s the worship of Shiva, of course! It comes in many different modes and flavors, but what we’re going to focus on is non-Puranic (Vedic) North Indian and Southeast Asian Saivist Tantra. The non-Puranic Saivists reject the Vedas in favor of an oral tradition of teachings called the Agamas. These Agamas were written down long ago, in part a manifestation of the oral teaching, and in part a manifestation of contact with Vedic people and non-Vedic tribals. Most serious scholars consider the Shaiva cults to be pre-existing and, like most of the deities honestly, were later absorbed into the Vedic fold. The same happened with Devi, and probably Krishna, just to name a few big name ones.

This religious practice is kind of hard to parse out to Westerners. Some of these groups employ Shakti puja (ritual worship of Kali/The Feminine), while others are strictly worship of Shiva. Regardless, the specific kind of Saivism we’re talking about today (Vama Marg/ Kaula) is a natural extension of funerary asceticism (the Aghori cannibals) but has a different focus: Sexuality.

Saivism, in it’s non-Puranic form, employs a philosophical mode called “vamacara”, translating roughly as the Left Path. This is the origin of the Western concept of the Left Hand Path. It is their goal, not to retreat from the veil of illusion (called Maya), but to seek synthesis with it. To do this, Vamacara practitioners use the “Five M’s”, or five ritual uses of things considered taboo in the general culture (alcohol/ drugs, sexual orgies, meat (sometimes human)) in order to physically integrate this transgressive ideology and to by physically “closer” to the forces of entropy, decay, and consumption that their aspect of Shiva represents. The sexual practices of the Vama Marg/ Kaula include the ritual consumption of intermingled male and female sexual fluids, especially when the female is cycling, tinged with drugs and alcohol, for the purpose of further sex rites in which the yogini (female yogi) becomes a host for demons, demigods, and if you’re doing it right, gods. The positions her hands take in orgasm becomes the mudra for the rite. Her panting the pranayama metric, and so forth.

Vamacara goes against the Vedas, and is generally viewed as a heresy, but this is only from the Vaishnavu, who feel that the vamacara practices come from Shakti Shridivya. This is wrong; just like the word ’tantra’, vamacara is a catch-all term describing multiple practices across multiple traditions of worship, having their origin in non-Vedic sources.

The connection with Shri Vidya comes via Shaktism in about half of the Aghori and half of the Kaula, but does not reach into Vamacara and Vama Marg, and since Shiva and Kali are viewed as the divine Kaula, it’s perfectly common for Kaulas and Aghori to favor one over the other (Aghori to a much lesser extent as they’re funeral ascetics). Vamacara enters the picture in the non-Puranic Mantramarga, drawing on the Kapalika aspect of Shiva and Aghorism. The Kaula are emphatically a Kapalika format of practice of both Saivism and Shaktism, while the Aghori are usually (but not always) reckoned to be Saivists. And guess what; they employ the Left Hand Path of Vamacara, meaning that someone specifically employing the Vamacara methods of attainment is going to be drawing from Shiva as opposed to Shaktism or a dual/mixed practice. In fact, it all depends on the geography. To say that vamacara is a subsect of Sri Vidya is idiotic. if anything Sri Vidya is the dakshinamarga Shakta cult par excellence.

This cult is the origin of the secrets of the VII-XII degrees of the O.T.O. They used ritual orgies and intoxication to produce ’Kala’ which is a residual of the physical process of men and Gods copulating (the Yogini, or female head, becomes a physical channel through which the Gods could experience human form). This residual substance has some really interesting properties and is tied directly to the hormonal phase of the Lunar female cycle.

We know for a fact that right before Rose and Therion went to Egypt they were in India and China; Crowley was a part of one of the first expeditions to scale K2. It is entirely in the realm of probability that he came across some form of Saivism, be it Aghorism or Vamacara and was initiated into their mysteries during that interval. Another interesting point? The accusation of sexual indiscretion among the Gnostics was little more than an obscure Church rumor until the Dead Sea scrolls were made public in ’48 after their discover in ’47. Crowley died in ’47, without ever once being given access to the scrolls of Qumran. How was he able to so firmly establish a tie between his Thelemic system and Gnosticism when sexual rites were just a conjecture made by the Holy Mother Church? Simple - through the thread of Tantric Saivism.

Let it be known that this is my own personal research & opinion informed by discussions with other A∴A∴ initiates, and that I’m about to break the shit out of the Tunis Comment:

The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a child, or dropping from the host of heaven: then of enemies; then of the priest or of the worshippers: last of some beast, no matter what.

–Liber AL vel Legis, III:24

The dropping from the host of heaven is often correlated directly to male sexual fluid. However, with a knowledge of Vama Marg, we see a different interpretation – in other places related to male fluid you see comments along the lines of projection of white light, as opposed to dropping of the host of heaven. If we re-interpret this to correlate with the slow leak of fluid from the lady bits of a yogini, we come to an entirely different conclusion – that the dropping of the host of heaven is the fluid collected from the yogini (Elixir Rubeus), which is exactly what happens in the Vama Marg sexual rites. The fluid is collected and mixed with soma or alcohol to create an intoxicating beverage. This is interesting yet again because the Vama Marg practitioners have even outlined which days of the female cycle correlate with the best use in magickal operation, justified in the fact that endocrine (glandular) secretions change quality due to excitation of the Yogini and bodily variation because of said cycle. Unfortunately, I no longer have my table which makes these connections; it was in a notebook that got thrown out. (Not by me. This information is available in some sources).

Then will I lift her to pinnacles of power: then will I breed from her a child mightier than all the kings of the earth. I will fill her with joy: with my force shall she see & strike at the worship of Nu: she shall achieve Hadit.

–Liber AL vel Legis, III:45

Again, a direct reference to the spiritual instead of biochemical implications of this right; the reversal of the kundalini current which creates interference between two practitioners; imagine you drop two stones into water - each stone dropped emits a wave. When each of those waves collide, it creates a third entirely new wave - just like the double slit experiment of quantum fame.

Further proof? Turn your attention to 333 (The Book Of Lies); the text that made Therion the Supreme and Holy King of Ionia’s OTO - in the introduction he mentions that the current OHO visited him and pointed out a chapter that held the greatest secrets of the Order. Often, this is attributed to Star Sapphire as a sexual rite, but there is another option here, as hinted at by none other than Robert Anton Wilson… Chapter 69:

This is the Holy Hexagram.
Plunge from the height, O God, and interlock with Man!
Plunge from the height, O Man, and interlock with Beast!
The Red Triangle is the descending tongue of grace;
the Blue Triangle is the ascending tongue of prayer
This Interchange, the Double Gift of Tongues, the
Word of Double Power-ABRAHADABRA!-is
the sign of the GREAT WORK, for the GREAT
WORK is accomplished in Silence. And behold is
not that Word equal to Cheth, that is Cancer.
whose Sigil is {Cancer}?
This Work also eats up itself, accomplishes its own
end, nourishes the worker, leaves no seed, is perfect in itself.
Little children, love one another!*
In the first three paragraphs this formation of the
hexagram is explained; it is a symbol of the mutual
separation of the Holy Guardian Angel and his client.
In the interlocking is indicated the completion of the work.*

As you can see, this could be a direct reference to the act of extracting the kala fluid directly from the orifice of the Yogini. In the text you have you’ll notice that heavy emphasis is put on ’oral tradition’, which is a blind for the act of oral extraction of kala to be passed onto the initiate by mouth at initiation instead of mixing the fluid with an intoxicant (which, I might add, is a technique allegedly used by ancient Gnostics in their sexual rites as well as the Templars, which led to their extermination by the Church).

Again, there is also a heavy emphasis on the concept of ’oral tradition’ in the A∴A∴. Sound familiar?

Let’s turn back to another verse of Liber AL - II:22:

I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self. The exposure of innocence is a lie. Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.

Wine and strange drugs? Sounds like Vama Marg to me! Kala is about as strange as drugs get: intoxicating slurries of mixed sexual fluids hyper energized with endocrine secretions, perhaps? I’ll take a Ken Grant route with this part: secretion. Secret-ion. Secret Ion. Ion, in Grant’s conception, is a polarized Kala (he even uses the damn word, but never once explains what it means, and assumes that anyone reading his material will be aware of both the common Hindu and possibly the secret Saivist meaning of the word).

Again, turning to AL I:61:

(…) For one kiss wilt thou then be willing to give all; but whoso gives one particle of dust shall lose all in that hour (…)

With a knowledge of Saivism this takes on a whole new meaning.

Now, when I first heard all of this, I though the individual conveying the information was batshit insane, until I remembered a Phil Hine text which advocated the use of putrefying sexual fluids to create egregores, tulpas or Shoggoths, which I did, to disastrous effect. I’d blocked that memory away until I was sitting there realizing that it was the same technique that Crowley bitched about Spare obsessing over; masturbation and the use of sexual fluid to charge sigils; which Spare placed in clay pots and buried - the same technique advocated by Hine in his description of what how to create a Shoggoth which I used to great effect.

Books for further study:

  • In A.’.A.’. - Philosophy:
    • Kiss of the Yogini
    • Tantraloka (NOT in English)
  • In Yoga:
    • Kalacakra: Textual and Ritual Perspectives
    • Kularnava Tantra
    • Cannon of the Saivagama
  • And for the some extra philosophy:
    • Triadic Heart of Saiva

–Frater Κυνοκέφαλος

Basic Techniques of Sex Magick

The main requirement for doing any kind of sex magick (one could almost say any kind of magick whatsoever) is the ability to concentrate single-mindedly, i.e. with no other thoughts intruding.

This ability is developed by the practice of dhyana yoga or a similar art.

The clearest instruction on basic yoga that I have seen is ’Eight Lectures on Yoga’ by Aleister Crowley.

When doing any type of sex magick you should formulate your ’telos’ (purpose) clearly beforehand, concentrate on it single-mindedly and ’background’ it.

During sex concentration is best directed towards the matter at hand (or whatever); I have found it to be more than ordinarily important to stay ’in the moment’ (i.e. neither think of past events or future events, but just what is occurring at the present moment). At orgasm the telos should overwhelm the mind, if you are doing it correctly your mental state will approach dhyana at this point.

Masturbatory Sex Magick – VIII° OTO

  • Formualte your telos, background it.
  • Begin sexual stimulation.
  • At orgasm:
    • Males: The telos should overwhelm your mind;
      • The semen can either be consumed (eaten)
      • or used to charge a prepared talisman (which, needless to say, should also express your telos).
    • Females: With each orgasm the telos should overwhelm your mind;
      • As the orgasm recedes background again (repeat until done).
      • The vaginal fluids can be treated in the same fashion as semen (see above).

This technique is particularly well adapted to the creation of ’magickal children’, ’spirits’ dedicated to a specific purpose.

In fact, it is a qabalistic idea dating (at least) to Abulafia that every time one masturbates one creates a spirit (and for this reason Abulafia said ’you shouldn’t masturbate’ and to this day Chasidic jews (who incorporate a lot of qabalistic stuff into their trip) aren’t (theoretically) supposed to).

Heterosexual Sex Magick – IX° OTO

It is possible for one participant to do this with the other completely unaware of what is going on; I find this ethically questionable.

From a strictly practical viewpoint, however, if you are going to use another person to do something like this (let’s not mince words) it is best that they be completely ignorante of what you are doing; partial awareness could adversely affect the performance or result of the working.

Assuming both the male and the female participant are conscious of the working, the telos should be agreed upon beforehand, concentrated upon, and backgrounded by both participants.

The male participants orgasm should be delayed as long as possible (there are various techniques for doing this; a good one is described in Stations of the Tide by Michael Swanwick pp. 86 ff (paperback edition – Avon books 1992)).

Multiple orgasms in the female participant are desireable. After the male participant ejaculates, the mixed fluids are taken up by him via cunnilingus (and it is well if this is prolonged also) and shared with the female participant (in a kiss). This elixir is the consumed. Part of it can also be used to charge a prepared talisman.

There are slightly different formulae employed depending on whether the female participant is menstruating or not (in fact Indian tantriks differentiate 16 separate formulae depending on where in her menstrual cycle a woman is (Pandunath, personal communication)).


Crowley developed several formulae of homosexual sex magick (XI° OTO); I am personally inclined myself to describe the XI° OTO as whatever one personally has the most inhibitions built up against. With Crowley it was taking the receptive position in anal intercourse (I would not, however deny that this is an extremely powerful formula, due mostly (I think) to the highly absorptive character of the rectum), for John Dee and Edward Kelley (and their wives) it was wife swapping. For a very high Kinsey gay person it might well be heterosexual sex; whatever it is for each individual its first use is always characterized by the breaking down of barriers and it remains a powerful formula thereafter.

You now know enough to begin research on your own.

The source for the above text is a file called “Ebook - Aleister Crowley - Basic Techniques of Sex Magick.pdf”, found on the e-Mule network. It clearly is not authored by Crowley, however it does use certain expressions which are clearly “borrowed” from his writings.

I did not write it; all I did was transcibed it here.



Frater K’s Commentaries on Libri 65 & 7


  • Chapter I

    The text already has a number of odd implications, the serpent perhaps adorning the heart as the HGA.

    The serpent is often associated with the primal urge to shamanism in many cultures, as well as the Serpent of the Garden as manifest as phallus and Shiatan.

    Also implicated is the double current of Kundalini which is used in some Tantrik and BTW rites to cause a polarization switch in the act of copulation,

    manifesting more feminine traits in the male and masculine in the female. Also indicative of the same polarization switch as seen in the Aegyptian Kabala.

    The Chapter scheme is interesting; common interpretation holding that it comes from the procession of elements, but I prefer to think of each chapter as a guidepost in each Sephiroth, what the HGA whispered during those moments before the Magus could even hear. 5 as the number of War, the spiritual war that takes place in each of us on the way to attainment.

    1. Sublime poetry. Ego as centric, which must first be purified through both neglect and correction for the serpent to manifest, which does so from the non arising seat through which other sublime modes of thought non arise, such as inspiration. The next verse is phallic in nature, though could also be representative of the Buddah who sat in the shade of the cobra’s (Omega’s) hood during a particularly violent manifestation of Set in nature. This document seems to be representative of the dying god; the flower manifesting on the dead god to signify his impending resurrection at the hands of the IAO formula, which is itself simply a permutation of or an account of the uses of LVX. This dead god is sitting, mummified in the heart of every man. We are surrendered to it even if we attempt to ignore this divine nature. This nature is also whim to the vagaries of human nature, being attached as it is to said human form. Typhon destroys, such is the nature of IAO. But in this entropy there is beauty. Chaos gives rise to the most symmetrical and splendorous things in nature, and batters the experiencer into submission while giving Binah Mythos to Chokmah Logos, or form to the force. Our Aspirant wishes for calmness that he may digest the swirling images and crashing realizations. More phallic imagery as well as the idea of revolution, often seen also in the work of Lovecraft. The newfound intelligence, now imbedded, becomes a permanent addition to the Magus personality, even to the point of showing him his Kephra nature shrouded in shadow psyche. It is that nature that becomes fascinated with LHP as a tool in proper place along with RHP, the concept of using Da’ath not as an obstacle to be conquered but as another weapon in the arsenal of the Magus.
    2. Shemhamephorae/Shemhamephorash See Liber 333
    3. LVX, just as any other light is only manifest in the union of multiple seeming disparate parts.
    4. Our aspirant writes of things of a nature that is transformative through diffusion and combination of unlike entities-magick through equilibration.
    5. Someone, likely Achad, perhaps Aquino, writes of deep pressure transformation.
    6. ???

    7-9) Don’t be satisfied with entities/vestments that claim to be the HGA without proper proof; one must not look at the light reflected from the object but the object itself. We only attain knowledge of Kether through the Middle Pillar, the path upward, and the confrontation with the void of the function of reason.

    1. You can’t get there by any other method.
    2. Those who don’t understand should not speak, let alone act, on matters of a spiritual nature.
    3. This LVX of the Priestess as reflected by the HGA.
    4. The drugs ingested cut to the core of a man, and possibly damage him in such a way that the exposure of what lies within causes pain and suffering. (must check with Liber 777: Nothing, must check Complete Magicians Tables)
    5. (up to 17) The HGA inoculates man when he is in manifestation of something which he does not yet understand. It wishes to supplant the biological nature/nurture element of the soul; the ego driven appearance of soul.
    6. Beautiful. Evidence that the Black Brother of the Left Hand Path as mentioned by Crowley is not the Left Hand Path extolled by various LHP groups. Black Brethren are those who turn their backs on fellow man, becoming cheap swindlers, and Crowley labeled among them Lawyers and Police. Those who absorb all of their natures are black in spirit.
    7. The Aspirant is now ready to serve.
    8. As per usual this spiritual attainment does not mean deliverance from trials.
    9. Those inflamed in true efficacious prayer are of him, see Liber Legis CHII
    10. An acknowledgement of the Silent Order.
    11. Tripartite metaphor; the Night of Pan, NOX. The Night of Secrecy and Silence. The Night of Samhadi and Dharmakaya, being eclipses of Solar and Lunar natures. See Liber 333
    12. The most true statement of the Chapter, nay the text, that so fittingly describes the nature of so many early aspirations especially among the newer generations, especially the pain with which one realizes how lacking one truly is even if trained rigorously.
    13. Communion.
    14. * See Aegyptian KBLH, Liber Legis.
    15. It has the nature of the unbound ‘haveness’ or inspiration, as seen in the I Ching. It has bound up form into form itself, is the form of the form.
    16. Protocol of the A.’.A.’.
    17. Adorations
    18. Semantically ambiguous; delight while in the presence of the multitudes, or delight at being componential to the multitudes? Interesting. Perhaps referring to a vessel (Chariot) by which we may be used as a method of exploring Amrita? If so is this a method of correct use of the Supreme Elixir?
    19. Amaranth=Binah. The petals thereof may be adornments on the basic concept, most likely Our Lady the Scarlet Whore. Hathor=Isis after her decapitation at the hands of a rather unhappy Horus, angered by her submission to the will of Set-hen. The damaged goods metaphor is not lost and also points to the Scarlet Whore.
    20. ??? From whence did it come? The basic wash of the MAAT Current over the world, especially between 65-75 Anno Domini.
    21. Possibly the foreknowledge of his being reviled even in this era of enlightenment.
    22. Yew=32. Yama as the spirit world of the Orient?
    23. The joy of men shall be their radiation from Yesod, a relief for the sub-conscious, and their misery shall be their method of growth. This much was made plain by 718 in Liber Legis, and by Crowley too many times to recount in this analysis.
    24. Crowley has taken this Great Work for only the reward of the Work unto itself, and end to an end.
    25. Crowley was insincere with his contentment and ran on to overabundance; Debauch.
    26. His striving was eternal, and as such even when he attempted to yield he did so with such strident effort that it availed naught.
    27. So the HGA then commanded that Crowley go and put good use to that unquenchable fire and to bring all things into his sphere of control.
    28. In doing so the fear of not yielding and the disgust of not yielding become null factors, and allow one to yield in actuality, without the impediment of sub-or un-conscious baggage.
    29. As above commentary.
    30. ???
    31. The stark admission of his own shortcomming.
    32. The Earth is borne with treasures ready to harvest for those brazen enough to take them. This may also be a clue to the reality of the Reversed Polarity of Ae KBLH.
    33. Dove? Astarte-Start. More evidence of a Malkuthian BABALON, the waters of Binah, or form, found only in the limits of Assiah, the material world of manifestation that must have form in which forceful manifestations to occur.
    34. Affirmation of these clues, hidden in the cipher of these verses, which is an arbitrary cipher, because of the prejudices of he who created it as well as they who analyze it. Each will come to a new and unique spiritual realization.
    35. There is a fundamental key in the ‘Khu in Khabs’ dichotomy, in which it is the body as attached to soul, not the other way around.
    36. (and 55) Crowley has the mind of Horus, and the Orgone signature of a typical satyritic pyhrriapitic. He has the form and the force, the knowledge of both sides of the Royal Art. The HGA wants to know why after having thorough training why he (Crowley) still wants to know the attributions of all aspects of mysteries, and his answer is ethically just.
    37. The only use the faculties of a man have is to be exercised among their due natures. The attribution factor of thought exists unto the end of attributing things.
    38. ???
    39. Possibly a comment on the above in that Crowley rejoices in the fact of being a firestarter, and filth infatuated.
    40. A purple stain comes from a suffocation, perhaps the cessation of breath in deep trance states, or perhaps autoerotic asphyxiation. May be extended dual level of metaphor of the small death, or Large Death of Samadhi.
    41. The intoxication of both the grape and Tiphareth rocks the foundations of the vessel of thought.
    42. The above comment is correct in the assumption of spiritual intoxication which brings him to the heights of religious ecstasy.
    43. Let the realms above the Abyss become known through the HGA, brone on the XAOC of the revelation and the possibility of forcing ones way into the City of Pyramids.
    44. (and 64) Don’t withdraw the force of the attainment, thinking the Work over. Continue and inflame the spirit(HGA) and soul (Ego/Personality complex) with intoxication.
    45. “Ever the same.” Strange implications. If time stops, or becomes meaningless, or if you feel as though you have always known that the moment would come, a palpable familiarity of being here once before, does it imply intoxication of DMT at the moment of spiritual attainment? DMT is endogenous within the confines of the brain, being the prime chemical precursor to all other important neurotransmitters and regulation chemicals. I certainly hope not, and my NDE as a child should give credence to the idea of it not being DMT related. See loose notes in Liber Osculatium.
  • Chapter II
    1. Lapis Lazuli occurs so damn often in these texts - Path 21 or Sphere 4. Green on Path 20. Hawk as Astarte between the two (2) pillars of turquoise (Path 14, Sphere 2) that is seated upon the throne of the East (too many implications to get into with the East). May be referring the passage of a person into the Astral Realm, with this chapter being analogous to Yesod.
    2. Duant? The passage beyond the realm of the flesh.
    3. The veiled one may be referential to the Dweller at the Threshold, the Typhon-Apophis-Leviathan-Choronzon function, recognizant of VVVVV’s singularity though unable to reconcile the dualistic labels.
    4. Now it gets weird, Crowley’s wings? VVVVV’s? In the Abyss he finds he partakes in ‘Mysteries Averse’. Averse to what? Morality? Thought, if we’re in Yesod, which in the Ae KBLH helps inform Da’ath.
    5. Homage to the Phallic principle, 15, or the HGA as conceived, or even the Kephra-nature of the HGA, which revels in the iniquities of Khem (Set-Khemen).
    6. In this equilibrium there lies true knowledge of the self, and furthermore leads to the destruction of the conception (in practice) of duality, in that the true self is a being who has no duality, and is componential of gradated aspects.
    7. ??? Wtf dude.
    8. Possibly BABALON, although the First Aethyr (30?) in Liber 418 is pretty convincing, (or at least synchronous).
    9. Two possible context, the literal and the spiritual, as in INRI.
    10. This entity takes into herself the vagaries of ones own perversion, which is indicative of both BABALON and Yesod.
    11. Her death was beautiful in the consumption of VVVVV’s sins.
    12. Implying a certain reversal of magical formulae, expounded in greater length in Liber Osculatium.
    13. The Charioting which leads to knowledge or at least implies knowledge of the Royal Art
    14. More evidence of BABALON, and of the Yesod connection. None of these assumptions would be in conflict of one uses the revised Tree of Life pattern suggested by Liber Osculatium.
    15. Must dig up more explication of the swan, I seem to be lacking. Correspondent to 1.
    16. (and 19) Timeless quality, as well as spaceless, or in another view it is perfectly singular, as in quantum theory, once knowledge of one aspect is attained, the knowledge of the other aspects is a priori imperceptible.
    17. Crazy?
    18. The boy may be the Wilsonian ‘thinker’ aspect of personality, always inquiring as the Hunchback ‘?’.
    19. The whence and whither are ends unto themselves.
    20. But why and end unto the end?
    21. Patience in attainment is key, and the holding of specific goals is illusory.
    22. The Abyss? Abyss of mind, or sub/un-mind.
    23. Silent rapture upon the realization the Aspirant ‘Non Sum Ego’.
    24. Images of ADNI to be built up so that it may be torn back down, and still flourish in the minds of the Adeptus Tenebrous.
    25. These revelations are so far removed from the sphere of normal mundanity that individual manifestations of ADNI are not to be and will not be discussed with the profane.
    26. Seeming a pre-instruction for the Magister Templi, in that when the multitudes come unto him to hear his wisdom, he is to bring them into his fold, his individual resonance with whatever Aeon he happens to be declaring that week.
    27. ???
    28. An Abyss of Glory? Once more, the Astarte. He was eclipsed.
    29. Music erupted from the shadows.
    30. VVVVV, enthralled by the beauty of the shade, wants to be bathed in it. Eagle as perhaps the sun, the largest and most vibrant Astarte to be seen…analogous to 11. All birds in general on path 14. Eagle specifically to 21
    31. That shadow’s name is Death (Large and small) and the black shame that comes upon the ‘sighing of regret’ or of the obliteration of ego in the dissolution of love. These are all moments when mind is still enough to behold ones true nature. (see Liber 333)
    32. The master is consumed in this Samadhi.
    33. He shall overcome all modes of ridicule at the hands of the profane.
    34. This Abyss of which is spoken is watery in nature, Path 29 with the dolphin.
    35. The infinite tune, lateralus.
    36. At the hands of sublime music the dolphin is transformed into Astarte, pneuma.
    37. (up to 43) Pan at path 26. Best deciphering I can muse is that of a trans-formative fractal procession of forms, perhaps KBListic, perhaps formed only at the whims of the Abyss aforementioned.
    38. Path 14 must be a vision of the Empress, balanced Chockmah and Binah, also indicative of the Swan. Atu III; Empress as mer-being. Dual eclipses, Swan (or likely the pelican from the motion it makes toward its breast) a Double Headed Eagle, as well as the Fleur de Lis.
    39. The Adeptus goes above and beyond, mired still in Debauch.
    40. “ Physical symptomology of the above.
    41. The physical symptoms of the above caused dissention among those he loved.
    42. The memory of returning from the sublime place is all that remains of the experience which must be analyzed to the best of ones ability once Ego re-forms in the mind, and taken with you once balanced. Being unable to use ego in that state, it is the only way to cope with the fact of the vision received.
    43. More imagery of green, with 14 on the Path.
    44. In this vision is likely a manifestation of the sub-conscious, maybe induced by drug interaction.
    45. More commentary upon the nature of the ‘afterglow’, the result of the discharge of energy (Talyor, ANTH) in the ritual act and the twilight of interference from disparate sensory input in which one can truly focus on the nature of self; the Dawn of Tiphareth, from the experience of, and/or sythesis with N.O.X.
    46. Implications odd; Crowley regarded VVVVV as an external entity. I (VVVVV) is the Heart, upon which the Serpent (HGA) is attached. The state of the encompassment of the HGA is a moment of darkness, but how considering Liber 333? Perhaps the first fractal exposure to the paradox integrations leading one to the voluntary emancipation from Adepthood.
    47. The experience will overwhelm and consume.
    48. Stems from the building of pressure; psychological, spiritual, sexual, etc.
    49. ??? Patience?
    50. (and 58) The forcing of this experience availest naught. One will be made fatigued in the aforementioned process.
    51. He heeds not on our whim.
    52. The HGA, unlike the Daimon or Shadow, or whathaveyou, IS a manifestation of Pneuma, and not the soul as Willed into being, like VVVVV. The Willed into Being soul is more of a vehicle for the manifestation of Ego and the direction of worldly forces.
    53. The simplicity with which it occurs, and the bliss seem to be intoxicating.
    54. Conversely one must pass through times in the desert, hardships, battles for won spiritual progress for the manifestation to occur.
    55. These verses are for those who Toil in Shadow. Let Crowley go forth and do what has to be done, by him at least.
    56. Inquiry.
    57. What end? Must ascertain. Spread this word in secret places.
  • Chapter III
    1. No desire, Grace, gaining what is needed without effort, being delivered from the lust of Need (I.e. result).
    2. Hod, assuredly. Must learn the Latin of this phrase, nominally translated as Green lines dance across the universe.
    3. Admonishment; the Magister mine as VVVVV?
    4. Lilith, perhaps being a subconscious egrore manifestation lingering from the Yesod period.
    5. Her adornment was great, and the visions sublime and satisfying to the Ego consciousness.
    6. (and 7) Joy at the coming
    7. Unfulfilled sub-conscious, negative archetypes, and what I formulate as the Shadow of the Abyss, the confrontations one goes through in Yesod in order to move on. Conquering the outward appearances of Shadow Psyche and the Night Side manifestation, which must be synthetic, synchretic, and holistic.
    8. Confirmation of archetype theory, coming from culturally ingrained formats of the pre-human and the earlier.
    9. ??? The emancipation of a Magister? Must read other class A‘s.
    10. Past and future as neurological fictions, and realization of time as non-linear and existant and as opposed to real.
    11. Time as existant is simply the measure of entropy; how much decay of atoms has passed between two points in space-time.
    12. VVVVV wants relief from either the experience or the pressure thereof. Why I do not know.
    13. The entwining and braiding is so complete that it overrides and become Logos almost like a parasite.
    14. Ganesha? Atu 15? Satan? Babalon?
    15. Vesteture of god forms.
    16. Emerald? The Hermetic doctrine of as above and so below, most likely, the Laws of nature, and the ability to work within that law.
    17. Synthetic with Hod the HGA is timeless, an entity of sublime singular grace, existing as a black hole in a stasis of time because of the spiritual gravity of the situation. GRACE.
    18. Adoration, the Joy of 8.
    19. The Universal (Worldy?) aspect of the Magus whose flesh generates the HGA.
    20. The City of 1? A city in the world before time and space? The realm of the origin of non-arising?
    21. N.O.X, the Night of Pan.
    22. (Significant that this is 23 in Hod) The tempest, storms coming at the heels (hells) of Set-hen that destroys and puts to rest.
    23. All the above occurred, and in the repose of occurring there was silence still.
    24. ‘Thou art’ the homunculi of Nut and Hadith, the Pure Pneuma of Pistis Sophia’s breeding with IAO that was breathed into the life of the creations of Iaoldaboath…the Horus made to reflect the Dark Spaces. His origin is with Set-potentiality borne by Nut’s instruction. In short; Ra-Hoor-Khuit. (Ra-Harakte, the synthetic god form of all of Ra’s aspects as filtered through Horus.)
    25. He exists beyond semiotics.
    26. Form conforms at the HGA’s command, and you are the form of all your forms, being that which interprets them. Man made God in his own image.
    27. ?!?
    28. ? Further explication of the HGA being attached all along, not made into being.
    29. Further proof of the HGA as a divine homunculus. Typhon; Greek for the Aegyptian Apepi. Apepi is the Dragon of the Abyss, Choronzon, who was a homunculus of Set that became too powerful to continue existing without interfering with Set’s machinations. He is slain by Set every midnight that Keph-Ra may journey the underworld without impediment. Further, the HGA is the A in the IAO, coming at the decay of specific mental processes in favor of unified singular existence.
    30. Thrice; the formula of 1146? The Formula of Leviathan is 1146, which rides on the fact of 0=2. The unification of opposites still creates something, which can be seen as 1=3, or that the equation 0=2 has three unique parts creating a singular expression. Double this, and we get two things, expansion fractally, as well as a whole in the unity of two opposite pairs, I.e. 4. Six is the result of the synthesis of the knowledge garnered at the realization of the KBListic opposites and principles of adjustment. Hence the labelling of LVThN, who guards the Abyss of Knowledge, Da’ath. Every act of permutation shows how to gain access to the HGA, the union of disparate parts.
    31. More knowledge of the Sun by it’s Penumbra in Eclipse, see Liber 333.
    32. Adoration.
    33. ???
    34. Explication of above in terms of light/dark. There is no other night or day other than that of the interactions of Self, which is fundamentally adorned (in the I Ching sense) with the HGA.
    35. I, VVVVV, is fundamentally WILLED into being, the Kephra aspect, the Daimon, the Ego interaction vehicle that is separate from the HGA…the Soul of the Biological and Psychological Nature.
    36. I, the Flesh, is auxiliary.
    37. Adoration.
    38. Vision of what the HGA teaches gives one the Subjective Universe in all of its infinite nature as ones plaything.
    39. One becomes as BABALON, consuming (taking in) all things.
    40. She murders those who beg to be consumed. Acid Revelation #4; BABALON, or Binah, is simply the thing that one exhausts oneself into, stripped of all symbolism.
    41. Most people use the tendency toward dissolution (Human dedication) as an evil.
    42. She has been tainted by the emotions of her petitioners.
    43. The placement of form on ‘things’ causes her to become obscured by the Abyss of reason and thought.
    44. This is a microcosm of the attainment of the HGA, which is force unified, and therefore without format, all pervading and potential. IOA, the uniting principle creating the decay of process that can be distilled into focus on what is left after the decay.
    45. IOA, supporting the former interpretation.
    46. Eclipsed.
    47. Eclipsed.
    48. Perhaps the Eighth Aethyr, perhaps the 8 as Hod and the Abyss of Graceful Knowledge, the Seal being his sublime ordering of knowledge.
    49. The supreme aim of all magick. The source of divine inspiration, and mystic being.
    50. The A.’.A.’. strips one down, a dual grad-school and boot camp for Magi. The Initiates of the A.’.A.’. are women, see Liber 333.
    51. Adoration.
    52. Binah above the Abyss and above the Priestess of Blinding Light. HGA as a ‘son’ homunculus of Binah.
    53. Source of Creation, NOT METAPHOR, this is LITTERAL. Let me be absorbed in potentiality.
    54. Stream, the Path of a Star, or a person Emancipated and Subdued of the HGA leads on the dissolution into Nuit The giving of oneself TO (To the End of BABALON, as an end) BABALON leads one above the Abyss-Devotion!!!*
    55. Maim??? Saphire equated with 3.
    56. The Water (subjective nature) beyond the origins of subjectivity-archetypical formats.
    57. The far distance of a Magister Templi from having to describe the psychotic path to supreme emancipation.
    58. That emancipated one is the Fool, in perfect, though unconscious control of the reality tunnel he occupies.
    59. Eagle as Tiphareth, and the HGA, and then the antinomian nature of nullification of polar opposites being the gallows where the condemned and condemner cavort and dance.
    60. Wraeththu. The (positive) Kundalini serpent descends into it’s opposite container, as does the other in the act of congress.
    61. No thing is still a thing. One MUST cross the Abyss to know HGA; I WAS RIGHT.
    62. Lamed, Th, and Nun?
    63. Revelation even if they have to die to get it, those without the will to potentiality.
    64. Adoration
    65. Implication (startling as it may be) that the Self and the HGA are one and the same, though may well be upon exemplification of the Self.
  • Chapter IV

    *Notation on readings; Having gone through The Temple of Solomon the King, I now see that I was correct in seeing a Reflection of the Penultimate Reflection, Abyss, in the heart of Yesod, as exemplified in the dark evil Triad of the Ordo G.:D.:. If this has any forbearance on the Astron Argon is yet to be known by this Initiate, but in research for the Aegyptian KBLH (Which I never realized that I’ve been using either unknown or unconsciously the moniker of Voluntary Exemption, however I’ve not gone through that text yet, feeling that many of its vagaries are still a little beyond my ken) it is core. As such, I will continue my explication of Aegypitan KBLH without overt referencing to the Liber 7/10, depending of Lineage Classification.

    1. The crystal heart has personal significance, as seen in my Histories. The Serpent (HGA) overcomes the core of being, adoring the Adept who now in communion is as Hadith in that he has RECEIVED Hadith.
    2. Mitylene; Netzach. Overt Templar reference, Crowley was full of it in claiming no attribution of the Most Majestic Mysteries with KBLH.
    3. Corruption possibly the 7 of Cups, or overabundance, or perhaps joy in the copulation of the Scarlet Whore with her appointed Beast. The Flowers (being equal earth air and water) are inflamed with Fire, and moreover Shin, winning the Adept in some sense the freedom of Yeshua.
    4. The desire to win at all costs chokes the HGA that he cannot give his Victorious speech.
    5. The vehicle is the Word of the HGA, perhaps, or perhaps this is a subtle instruction on the sexual magick of the Tarot, TOWER. Salt is only in transformation in the Universal Arte, could even be a reference to core Kala techniques.
    6. Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. To sate oneself on ones desires is folly, and it only leads to deeper thirst. Victory offers some respite to this fact, and waits to adorn the Seeker with kisses.
    7. So the lover of Netzach, victory, is found in those that love victory.
    8. Respite for victory is one of the illusory attainments found among Temple of Solomon; to rest now would tear the Adeptus to shreds and force him to wait until another incarnation to face the Ordeal of the Abyss.
    9. Conversely, in the garden of repose, the Brilliant One may shine forth; striking the Adept into a dumbfounded sleep….perhaps.
    10. (and 12) Deists? DIEists?
    11. (and 14) The Slave as the guest, who hears not the prattle of the other lesser forms, and only he who is in charge, the Warrior, who fears that his charge (The HGA) will not dwell therein or even come to visit.
    12. The Starlight over against the deep black pool - the Netzach that glimmers beyond Yesod, which is in itself (Yesod) the Holy Place as it is the next step up on the Middle Pillar.
    13. The HGA is a frivolous thing, not being a corporeal intelligence.
    14. The Scribe (VVVVV) annotated the frivolity but the HGA feared not that the faith of the aspirant was lost, for it was the HGA who imparts Magickal power to begin with, the Hidden Logos in which all True Will arises.
    15. Joy, Adoration
    16. HGA takes the work of the Magician to be another trap of the veil of Maya and the Abyss, in that any work of Magick makes influences on the subjective and objective universe (as any good magick should do) but does nothing to attempt to make SENSE of those universes, or to give a dichotomy to subjective and objection.
    17. The Magister, not the Magician, never takes his eyes from the sight of the prize, or his grip from the chokehold he has on his own progress.
    18. Such should be the attitude of the Adept.
    19. Incomprehensible to me.
    20. The Priestess of Isis re-born, commands Seb to arise and devour the Cow Hathoor, Wife of Set, and suck up the flowing rivers of the Nile that the flood may recede.
    21. Bidding Apephi, Apophis, the Homunculus of Set. Further evidence of the HGA being a Homunculus of Nuit and Hadith, Pistis Sophia and IAO unified into Astarte Pneuma.
    22. Apophis will devour all illusions when the time comes, including those illusions that I even as now have yet to raise up as reality. In being swallowed up by the Abyss, the HGA is able to conquer the self imposed illusory nature of being, even when in synthesis with HGA consciousness.
    23. !!!!! My God (?) must be Set, whose secret fang is to be used when Osiris takes his vengeance out on Set by destroying his disciple and brother HaWer in pre-unification mythology. Kephra, lets it be known that it is time to will into Being (Xepher), by which the Jackals of Day and night tear at the foundations of reality (The Pillars of the Universe? Nuit?) Gross Gott!
    24. I (VVVVV) is like a world weary libertine of Malkuth. He has worked high and low magick against its still somnambulistic minds. Now he is the slave of the HGA, and wonders how the Victory of attainment can loosen this bond, or once did as this text is in retrospect.
    25. Crowley worried about actual attainment; Who is this goddamn scribe?
    26. Though the body and soul may be wracked with pain and sorrow and weariness, there is always the Occult Carrot, that Dis-Ease of the Being that can only be rectified by the Ecstasy of Union with an Outside Force.
    27. The House of the Beloved (BETH in HGA consciousness?) uses absinthe as a sacrament?
    28. (and 32) Red lips of nature; constant war with or against the Universe? Black lips? The false hope of perfection and victory? Both affectations hold no sway in the house of Adonai.
    29. The Terror of revelation is overwhelming.
    30. Lord of Death? Entropy? Being re-made? Threshold that of the threshold of the Dominus Liminus?
    31. Eight Fears?
    32. Could be Abra-melin or something far more exotic.
    33. The Abyss of death is replaced with a far more terrible abyss, which is of the self.
    34. Could also be a retrospective of the battles now won, the abyss of Yesod.
    35. Evidence of the above statement (Already with me).
    36. Stricken as a bird by the bolt of the thundered? This could be the striking of the self by the first glimpse of light afforded a 1=10, or could as well be a sexual metaphore, the dove as Astarte being issued from the thunderous working of the phallus.
    37. ???
    38. The purest operations are those that do NOT result in the generation of new life, with the life force being cut off in order to channel the energy of four Kundalini serpents braiding into the erection of Egrores and other praetor-human constructs.
    39. The ROOT of the Magus as well as the source of his power is hidden in the dark places of the Earth (BABALON?), the form of form, or the thematic elements at play in his mind w/r/t archetypical natures.
    40. Adorations
    41. One can see, once attained, the IAOdalboath inherent in the IAO of the HGA, the Shadow side which must be synthesized in order to attain true KNOWLEDGE of the HGA, in all of his respects. One can see the Kronos in the Zeus.
    42. The Abyss is a plaything for the HGA, not for the Magus incarnate; it will bear him through the Ordeal of the Abyss, and deliver him on the other side.
    43. Being Kether, as all things on the tree in one way or another, the reversal is already predicated in the existence of the object (see Tarot interpretation of reversals) and thereby when one sees the HGA and KNOWS him, one is already assured that the Shadow aspect has been unified, thus the Ordeal of the Lesser Abyss, Yesod.
    44. Tiphareth as the day of Eternity, which exists, in postulate as timeless, since the apprehension of the HGA occurs without knowledge of time, space, or ego construction.
    45. They (VVVVV and HGA) have created an area of not only TRUE respite, but also of PURITY upon the shores of the Victory.
    46. Adoration
    47. Adoration. Which Abyss.
    48. Goat = Satan? Eaglet = HGA proper? That they must learn to traverse the great Abyss.
    49. Adoration
    50. Interesting that the Serpent is identified with the Oroboros, both implying that it is the end all-be all of sense existence and also that the HGA is an end unto itself, and the process of the gamble to attain the view of the Magister Templi is predicated in Attaining Conversation with the HGA.
    51. (and 56) Support of the above postulate in terms of Gnostic mythology.
    52. Cat on a hot tin roof; no one cares about yr bitching. Just WILL it.
    53. A ‘Middle Pillar’ perhaps.
    54. Words fail do describe any of this intelligibly, and my mewling attempt is just as wretched as Crowley’s. VVVVV at least gets it.
    55. This stuff is faaaaar-out, man. Perhaps a subtle reference of the Beast and the Harlot.
    56. !!!!!! SET-KHEMEN!!!!! Also, one must undergo a period of reflection in the wilderness. Every Christ does so.
    57. Holy Shit; explicit reference to the LHP and RHP. These are also the twin lords of BABALON and THERION 666. The Abyss to come, and Before the entrance into the City of Pyramids. But what of Liber AL vel Legis??? What of Aegyptian KBLH???
    58. ??? In that river, of the Abyss, the Consummation of the Union of Man and HGA ?
    59. Adoration, a comment on the state of mind.
    60. Interesting, I’m interpreting this chapter, now as with the others upon this revelation, as both the comment on Netzach, and a pre-comment on the work done after Adeptus Major, I.e. this chapter also describes in it final verses the consumption by BABALON of our ‘life force’, if only in hints and glimpses.
  • Chapter V (Finally)
    1. This all seems to be a memory of VVVVV; inasmuch as it seems he sees ADNI showing the Adept the court of the Starry beyond, and wishes to recapture that moment of bliss.
    2. Interesting that the metaphor seems to be of a hallucinatory nature; extreme cases of hallucinatory nystagmus can cause the entire visual field to shake, often at the peak of some revelatory experience; strange things happen, visually and psychologically at those times.
    3. The HGA is an angel of transformation, an entity plugged directly into the Fractal Aeon, the Aeon of all Aeons, concurrent (I don’t care if its ‘heresy’, I feel as if all Aeons and Ages being declared with regularity are small sub-functions of the 93 current, which is the Aeon of Horus the Infant) upon all Aeonic knowledge, which will create an Ubermesch, the Thelemic Superman, a Sovereign individual, One who has Willed into Being, a Xephraic manifestation, a Renaissance Man, the Multidisciplinary Guru. He shall lead the Many who are the Secret and the Few.
    4. ???WTF??? The Prophet whom these words are delivered to shall see what is to come but not understand the true meaning of that change?
    5. This is the completion of the operation, the attainment of Secret Self. It comes as a blinding flash of light and sound (something) in the black of night (nothing). Earth as Malkuth?
    6. In the darkness (?unable to attribute) he is loosed upon the earth and set as an object of desire.
    7. First of all the glimmer of the True Abyss and the City of Pyramids is seen, moreover once attained he shall be as prophet concerning the truth of whatever mystical illuminations shook him.
    8. One of the first lines not really deserving much commentary; it’s all pretty self explanatory. I seem to be trying to write backward when not paying attention
    9. Strange; the undying flame from within, the core of what drives you, the why you’re on this path. In the midnight YOU outburned the moon, in the daylight YOU outburned the SUN ITSELF.
    10. In attaining, the HGA accepts You as opposed to you.
    11. As with above, those who attain will be seen, again, as objects of envy.
    12. It may be very subtle.
    13. Hm. ?
    14. Ararita, Star Saphire? That the harnessing of the Kala is the end unto this work? Verse placement supports, but still doubtful. But what of Hadith, the condensation of a word into The Word.
    15. The Master of a Higher God, Lapis Lazuli, the Exemption to come?
    16. (and 18) Must get higher up clarification.
    17. It matters not what God one has, but that you HAVE a God to adore.
    18. More confusion, perhaps the Attained will be seen as a diamond in the rough.
    19. None of the above matters though, because one has Attained. Having conquered self illusion and self defeatism, thou shall live as Emancipated from impediment of consciousness?
    20. Likely an admonishment to get cracking on the Equinox.
    21. Placing the Abyss oddly again, for it extends BEYOND the abyss and into Tiph, Yes, and Malk, implying that one along the way is another Abyss, likely in Yesod.
    22. ???
    23. He has won the magick of Transmutation, the ability to perform at Will the Miracle of the Eucharist. Also he will be versed now in many modes of thought through which he may use the Tree, or indeed any other system, as his plaything, having attained.
    24. The pools being pools of condensed Energy in all of the connotations?
    25. Even the universe will become subject to the events of 31, in which reversion of aspects takes place, an when perfected wins one use of Aegyptian KBLH.
    27. “I have beheld and destroyed an universe.” Liber AL, or some such quote.
    28. (up to 36) Incomprehensible.
    29. You BEING are beyond all Gods, Gods being manifestations of Man, as archetypes, with the HGA representing a true Alien force to the world of Materiality.
    30. (up to 40) ???
    31. Now 34-40 become so much more clear, these are personal admonitions to VVVVV about his period of Atheism in youth as well as leading up to 1904.
    32. Adorations, and a calling.
    33. BABALON?
    34. ???


  • VII-

    36: Nyx -> Eris. Day of With Me Not?

    40: Lamen

    42: Ain Soph as ground for union of Horus and Set, and the reflection below.

    46: Stele of Revealing

    48: Aleph, ΓΕ/Hmncl. See also the Pyramid Texts, etc.

    50: Task of Z.

  • VI-

    1: MWT on the HGA? Liber Ash. Liber Stellae Rubeae.

    4: Eclipse.

    7: Caduceus.

    8, 13: Kala

    9: Fresh Fever

    11: “Cut your own way…”

    14/15: Twilight language. Bennu/Horus-Mandulis/Philae. See Liber 65. See Coming Forth by Day.

    22: Passing the kabbalistic veil.

    25: Liber L II:58

    27: Last temptation of The Kingdom.

    29: Smoke of His burning.

    32: Prologue, supernals.

    37, 38: Kala

    39: Victory boils away Hod.

    41: 333:3

    45: Iyyun

    48,49: Logos. Memetic cannibalism

    51: ThIShARB

  • V-

    1: Oceanic exp.

    4: Specialization crystalized.

    5: Switch

    6: Path 14. Theurgical Dialectic.

    13: The responsibility of attainment. Projection powder (Gold in Merc.)

    15: Red eagle as Bennu.

    17: Binah in Kingdom

    18: Gems of Choronzon

    22: Binah in Kingdom

    19: Eris

    34: Veneficium

    41: Klipot?

  • IV-

    3: Anatomy of the Body of God

    6: Aion

    7: Binah

    5, 15: Internal worship. Iyyun, etc.

    18: Paroketh

    20: CoL

    21: Communication

    22: Liber Stellae Rubeae

    26: Apophis/Typhon and their reflections.

    29: Fire of Aspiration overcomes.

    33: Liber 65, IV:57. Recursion - 33.

    34: Cadaveris

    35: MWT

    37: Supernal emanation. See Prologue.

    39: This verse marks the switch. We’re no longer talking about THAT but IT.

    48: NOX and the relation to DL

    55: 333:3

    59: [Golden Dawn sigil]

  • III-

    1: ThIShARB

    2: Maenads under the Nyx of Pan

    5: LAVACON, #47. Ae 16, Earth of Air ->Pneuma

    8: 777 - 32, 12, 8.

    13: Liber 36

    18: The Dragon Vessel. Spare’s folly.

    23: Ae16

    24: Dragon Vessel -> Egregore

    27: 333:21, Golden Crown of (Tifaret) Mars

    31: ALLA ->.’.

    34: Implies volition. Aquino. LXV

    35: Cannibal Hymns

    38: Shin

    39/40: Abyss

    52: Kala & ECL

    55: 11

    56: Will in the flames of Air

  • II-

    2: Transfer

    3: Future

    11: Supernal temple

  • I-

    8: 3/19/15

    10: Atman

    30: Nubti

    47: Iyyun.

Liber 7 OLD COMMENT (edited and redacted):

Mike Aquino seems to have ‘gotten’ it in some respects, though his insistence at hocking the Temple of Set party line when he has a fine grasp of A.’.A.’. philosophy is kinda sad. He seemingly hides something in his doctrines, something I think I may have extracted. We quote him in Sapphire Tablet of Set, the core workbook for their Magister Templi(remember, the Star Sapphire corresponds to 0 and 3 in 777*):

>“If you read these passages carefully [referring to one star in sight], you will see the paradox inherent in them. To become an (8)=[3], a (7)=[4] must destroy his capacity for logical thought, i.e. his ability to draw inductive or deductive conclusions from phenomena of the material universe. Since it is just this capacity that is the essential characteristic of the Self [“Cogito ergo sum”, if you will], the (7)=[4] is in effect invited to obliterate what it is that makes him a unique entity. Theoretically he is “reconstituted by the gods in a perfect form” - an ideal “self”. Herein lies the heart of the paradox, which is also the central theme of Genesis III. It is that an independent Will, capable of perceiving itself in contrast to the material Universe, cannot be a product of forces germane to that Universe. The freedom of the Will necessitates the ability of the Will to move both with and against Universal patterns [i.e. “laws”]. The Will is self-creating, self-sustaining, and self-improving. This is the basis for the Formula of the Aeon of Set XXX.”

What Aquino doesn’t seem to realize (or hides), however, is that it is this reconstitution that IS the goal. It is YET ANOTHER experience that is integrated. Samadhi is impermanent, and as such the Ego must come out of it STRONGER after being subjected to near death, or a death like state. Quote I. Regardie w/r/t Ego inflation and Magick (in a letter to Aquino.)

“…Magick, generally speaking, still does not recognize the ego-inflationary aspect of its own system - which is why there are so many casualties….Achad, theoretically, was educated in the notion of “destroying the ego” by crossing the Abyss, (so called) but it did not save him from inflationary activities of the ego such as asserting the equivalence of his own grade of Neophyte 1=10 with the supernal grade of Ipsissimus 10=1.This is asinine from the ordinary point of view and doesn’t make sense….the every process of Magick puffs up the ego. This may be desirable up to a certain point….”

These Ego inflations are commonplace, and often disastrous. Look at Ken Grant. The key here is to have something, something WORKABLE and EFFICACIOUS, and dare I say something with BROAD APPEAL to empty oneself into. Thereby one establishes a star, or constellation, even better, in the sky of Jupiter, WHICH IS EXPANSION ITSELF.

This doctrine would explain some things, the requirement of a universal treatise on Magick being required of Exempt Adepts. The process of moving on to Magister Templi is expounding this doctrine. It would also explain the provenance of people like Lafayette Ron Hubbard, and Stanton Leeve (Anton LaVey).

Take the case of Hubbard, who was trained by a known 8=3, BELARION, or Jack Parsons. He surely was absorbing high level A.’.A.’. doctrines. On continuing down his path, he was known to still practice some sex magick, as observed by some who have been victimized by Scientology. Hubbard had been seen victimizing young women while wearing black robes well after founding his ‘church’.

Despite his chicanery, though, he created a system and expanded it, though likely became a black brother because of it. (Actually…I’m sure of it.) Nothing useful for others came from this system. This is what Crowley meant by Christianity being run by black brethren.

LaVey is a different story. He seems to have thoroughly studied Crowley, as well as Parsons, and had contact with Aquino, one of his Magister Templi as well as a rumored member of the A.’.A.’. It certainly shows in his system.

LaVey was well known to Ken Anger, and Susan Atkins (of the Charles Manson outfit) as well as the Solar Lodge (boy in a box scandal) AND Agape Lodge (McMurty). This creates a MASSIVE web of people who are interconnected, down to even the mysterious Process Church of the Final Judgment. In the third book in the Satanic Bible, Anton more or less gives the secrets of sexual magick (using the terms of euphemism from MTP). In elsewhere, he discusses immortality in terms of establishing oneself into the fabric of the universe (fame).

The interesting thing here is that LaVey seemed to display the characteristics of a Magister Templi before Aquino moved to that grade, and in becoming a black brother, did not distort his order so much as tear it apart himself. All of this has been recorded by Aquino, both in the Church of Satan documents, as well as quoting Crowley himself from One Star in Sight (emphasis added):

“….he remains in the Abyss, secreting his elements round his Ego as if isolated from the Universe, and becomes what is called a “Black Brother”. Such a being is gradually disintegrated from lack of nourishment and the slow but certain action of the attraction of the rest of the Universe, despite his now desperate efforts to insulate and protect himself, and to aggrandize himself by predatory practices. He may indeed prosper for awhile, but in the end he must perish, especially when with a new Aeon a new Word is proclaimed which he cannot and will not hear, so that he is handicapped by trying to use an obsolete method of Magick, like a man with a boomerang in a battle where everyone else has a rifle.“

In all here, I think they key here is to become open to the idea of refining current magical thought into new and more diverse systems, even a system that the Magister Templi can point to and say “Behold the Childe I have parted with.” as per Ch. 3 in Liber 333.

Frater K’s commentary on Liber 65 and Liber 7

Crossing the Abyss, and being able to actually DEVOTE oneself to this task (and thereby attain it. Just being able to identify this concept does nothing to actually accomplish it.) is where the Ego is extinguished for the last time; the total immersion, into a method of FORM - the BABALON function. The Magi become ‘Christlike’ in the process of becoming a Magister Templi, if only in the idea that one is about to found a school of philosophical thought.

What Aquino either fails to realize, or conceals from initiates, is the concept of the Magister Templi becoming its OWN EXTANT ENTITY, much as VVVVV became for Crowley. The Self as a Magister Templi is (Quoted from the Sapphire Tablet) INDEPENDENT:

“Look at it this way: The Magister Templi is one who can perceive and comprehend the entire material Universe. In order to do this, there must be no part of him which is an accessory of that same Universe. He - his Will - must be independent / separate / distinct. This necessitates an extremely strong presence of mind, an ego that is sufficiently reinforced by itself not to require “crutches” from the material Universe, and a determination to fight off the panic that could result from the sensation of being utterly alone. The Magister Templi, if he is truly entitled to that degree, possesses the abilities necessary to thwart those dangers. Those who presume to that degree without understanding them or the severe mental pressures they can cause, do in fact suffer the fate that Crowley prescribes: they either die or lose their sanity.”

This sort of independent nature seems to be a deep seated implication in Crowley’s works as well, most concealed to the profane in his insistence that VVVVV was exterior to himself. Essentially, it seems that the Will of a Magister Templi, having crossed the Abyss, is torn away and made exemplified, also implying that the exemption of an Adept is in part the release of that Will as an HGA unto itself. This is what happens in the moment in the Abyss when the Adept is truly ‘alone’. Without the HGA, who waits on the other side of the Veil in the City of Pyramids, or the Ego complex, which is torn away and also waits in the City of Pyramids, the Adept’s only hope is to be swept up by BABALON, which perhaps is a vision of the Order or school the Adept is to form.

This becomes very interesting in terms of ‘paths’ (Left or Right) and certain methods of magick meant to make the human form immortal, like LaVey’s or the Book of Coming forth by Dawn. If the latter is to be understood correctly, it is a method by which the Magi can ‘program’ his ego complex into reality after or just prior to ‘death‘.

Fr. Z’s Commentary on Liber 7, Chapter I

Please note that these are only my views at the time of writing (16/04/2014).

1. My God, how I love Thee!

This is an allusion on the nature of the work; the dissolution of self, the self-annihilation which takes place within the context of ones self.

2. With the vehement appetite of a beast I hunt Thee throu the Universe.

The aspirant is identified with Pan, as the Satyr beast.

3. Thou art standing as it were upon a pinnacle at the edge  some fortified city. I am a white bird, and perch upon Thee.

An almost direct reference to the City of Pyramids; the white bird is the expression of the Love the aspirant holds for the infinite (or, in simple words, an expression of his aspiration).

4. Thou art My Lover: I see Thee as a nymph with her white limbs stretched by the spring.

A nymph here might very well symbolize the natural world, our physical surroundings. In this way, the aspirant begins to perceive the purity and beauty of all creation.

5. She lies upon the moss; there is none other but she:
6. Art Thou not Pan?

It is important to note that it is the nymph who asks the aspirant whether he is Pan or not. To think that it is the nymph who is Pan is folly, for Pan is clearly and evidently male. The part “there is none other but she” is indicative of the depth of the trance the aspirant reaches. I have little experience with such deep trances, however I would put it between deep dhyana and samadhi.

What follows is the aspirant’s reply:

7. I am He. Speak not, O my God! Let the work be accomplished in silence.
8. Let my cry of pain be crystallized into a little white fawn to run away into the forest!

The cry of pain might very well be indicative of the fading of ego; the self is dissolved, as in acid, and what is left is instinctual reactions, still without control from higher faculties.

9. Thou art a centaur, O my God, from the violet-blossoms that crown Thee to the hoofs of the horse.
10. Thou art harder than tempered steel; there is no diamond beside Thee.

A recognition of God in the form of Saggitarius, who is ruled by Jupiter. Perhaps it is the aspirants confusion as to what is up and what is down, him being confused between Binah (Saturn) and Chesed (Jupiter)? The fact that the glyphs of those planets are mirrored images of one another might be an indication of the state implied.

11. Did I not yield this body and soul?
12. I woo thee with a dagger drawn across my throat.
13. Let the spout of blood quench Thy blood-thirst, O my God!

The aspirant continues, reminding Babalon of the sacrifices he made, and continues on to give the last of his blood unto Her.

14. Thou art a little white rabbit in the burrow Night.
15. I am greater than the fox and the hole.
16. Give me Thy kisses, O Lord God!

God seems to be very elusive to the aspirant, who is rather blunt and not very swift in his actions; more like a bear or ram than anything else; the aspirant, being unable to reach God himself, pleas unto Him for a kiss (i.e. direct knowledge).

17. The lightning came and licked up the little flock of sheep.
18. There is a tongue and a flame; I see that trident walking over the sea.

Lightning is the attribute of Jupiter, and therefore Chesed; The Tongue and Flame are both Martial (Geburah); the trident over the sea… I have no idea.

19. A phœnix hath it for its head; below are two prongs. They spear the wicked.

The above is a description of the Phoenix Wand of the Golden Dawn.

20. I will spear Thee, O Thou little grey god, unless Thou beware!

Grey God, as in (most likely), the Nefesh.

21. From the grey to the gold; from the gold to that which is beyond the gold of Ophir.

I.e. Iesod, Tiphareth, and then Supernals.

22. My God! but I love Thee!
23. Why hast Thou whispered so ambiguous things? Wast Thou afraid, O goat-hoofed One, O horned One, O pillar of lightning?

Identifying God with Saggitarius again. What’s also interesting is that Saggitarius is the ascending Fire of God (the mutable sign of Fire, astrologically), but also that it’s ruled by Jupiter, which seems to be balancing out the nature of the aspirant (the chapter is devoted to Mars).

24. From the lightning fall pearls; from the pearls black specks of nothing.

I.e. impotence/ omnipotence. Not quite sure what this is supposed to mean. Yet.

25. I based all on one, one on naught.

An expression of solipsistic despair. Mars is not in the middle pillar, and as such, the extreme of it is utter blindness to others; it is the rule of intellect alone.

26. Afloat in the æther, O my God, my God!
27. O Thou great hooded sun of glory, cut off these eyelids!
28. Nature shall die out; she hideth me, closing mine eyelids with fear, she hideth me from My destruction, O Thou open eye.

Again, an expression of agony. The aspirant perceives God, however he still has to let go of his intellectual faculties, which is necessary for the attainment of Binah.

29. O ever-weeping One!
30. Not Isis my mother, nor Osiris my self; but the incestuous Horus given over to Typhon, so may I be!

This is fairly interesting in that it denies both Iesod and Tiphareth, instead opting for the conjoining of Mars with Saturn (Set == Typhon, Set is attributed to Saturn). This seems to go parallel with a project I was involved in, wherein we joined Horus with Set, and IAIDA (Enochian); the resulting current is based on the idea of indifference and no-thought, which is also manifest in the following verse:

31. There thought; and thought is evil.
32. Pan! Pan! Io Pan! it is enough.

The aspirant perceives that he is still intellectually analyzing things, and invokes Pan (i.e. his instincts) to take over once again.

33. Fall not into death, O my soul! Think that death is the bed into which you are falling!

I.e. a realization that death is only a transient event, however it also is necessary to experience fully, as it is very transformative for the psyche.

34. O how I love Thee, O my God! Especially is there a vehement parallel light from infinity, vilely diffracted in the haze of this mind.

The aspirant is still confused, without focus, and thus the Light cannot take over the mind.

35. I love Thee. I love Thee. I love Thee.

He regains focus.

36. Thou art a beautiful thing whiter than a woman in the column of this vibration.

He perceives God.

37. I shoot up vertically like an arrow, and become that Above.

And he leaps into the Abyss. This indicates that the whole chapter before was nothing but his thoughts and fears, his doubts, before the act itself.

38. But it is death, and the flame of the pyre.
39. Ascend in the flame of the pyre, O my soul! Thy God is like the cold emptiness of the utmost heaven, into which thou radiatest thy little light.
40. When Thou shall know me, O empty God, my flame shall utterly expire in Thy great N. O. X.

The aspirant loses himself in his experience, with all that drives him being his aspiration and willpower.

41. What shalt Thou be, my God, when I have ceased to love Thee?
42. A worm, a nothing, a niddering knave!

A last stand for solipsism, self-created Gods, and idol worship (perhaps an allusion to Phallus worship in the Ordo Templi Orientis?). Similarly, this connects to Liber Resh vel Helios, where even though we hail unto the forms, we are in fact addressing that which is beyond them.

Note that again, until now, it was the aspirant speaking.

43. But Oh! I love Thee.
44. I have thrown a million flowers from the basket of the Beyond at Thy feet, I have anointed Thee and Thy Staff with oil and blood and kisses.
45. I have kindled Thy marble into life—ay! into death.

A recognition that forms are just what God manifests in.

I am also fairly sure this is Babalon speaking again.

46. I have been smitten with the reek of Thy mouth, that drinketh never wine but life.
47. How the dew of the Universe whitens the lips!
48. Ah! trickling flow of the stars of the mother Supernal, begone!

The aspirant again, getting drunk on nectar. Having had enough, he asks her to leave (probably because of the intensity of the experience).

The metaphor here might be that for the crossing to be complete, one has to be permeated with the substance of Binah; once that is complete, one becomes as a God within this and lower domains. This also explains what follows:

49. I Am She that should come, the Virgin of all men.
50. I am a boy before Thee, O Thou satyr God.

I am fairly certain this is Her reply to the aspirant’s plea; she changes form to become more pleasing to him, now that they have come into contact, and He became her equal.

51. Thou wilt inflict the punishment of pleasure—Now! Now! Now!
52. Io Pan! Io Pan! I love Thee. I love Thee.
53. O my God, spare me!

The chapter being martial explains the BDSM elements; also notice that Babalon is crying “Io Pan!”, it’s not the aspirant, for he IS Pan at that point.

54. Now! It is done! Death.

Perfect union (at least as far as Binah and Babalon/Pan go) is achieved. Interestingly enough, this connects to Liber XXXVI.

55. I cried aloud the word—and it was a mighty spell to bind the Invisible, an enchantment to unbind the bound; yea, to unbind the bound.

I.e. the Word of the Magister; the one that doesn’t change anything, however it does keep things moving. This isn’t anything that has any source, however the concept has come up in several of my visions, and I find it interesting enough to bring up.

Also: the Roar of the Beast.

In this way, the Aspirant comes to the edge of the Abyss, contemplates, deals with his issues, leaps, ascends into the City of Pyramids by sheer willpower, and is turned into a God by absorbing the essence of Babalon.

Fr. Z’s Comments on Liber LXV, Cap. III

  • Verily and Amen -> The Work ended before it began. Ain.
  • Deep sea -> Ain Soph
  • Rivers of Running Water -> Ain Soph Aur
  • Land of No Desire -> Kether.
    • Unicorn -> Kether, also Speech (by Liber Jugorum). IT. The Axle of the Wheel (Kaph).
  • Silver collar -> Gimel
  • Linea Viridis Gyrat Universa -> Venus (Daleth).
    • Word of Adonai -> Zain - Gemini rules speech.
  • Mouth of the Magister -> Pe (Mars), but could also be the Chalice of the Aquarius ((see Atu XVII)).
  • Heart -> Tiphareth.
  • Old Serpent -> Lilith -> Iesod.
    • This is the Nephesh to be overcome.
    • Beautiful wast thou -> This is the end of the descending current of the aspiration. Adonai hath touched the Heart, and the Heart begins seeking more subtle and perfect states. Notice the past tense.
    • Attainment unto Magus 9=2 in the previous Aeon - there is duality at play. Currently, this is beyond my abilities to formulate coherently. The idea deals with purity of illusion.
    • Netzach -> the Nephesh clings to the Aspiration which pulls the Aspirant upwards -> Kundries.
    • Awakening to impurity in awareness.
    • Iesod/ Da’ath harmonies -> Choronzon (Restriction be unto Him in the name BABALON).
    • Crystal of the Future -> Qoph (divination), Pisces.
  • Also, the End of the Zodiac Belt, which is annihilation into Naught.
    • Zen and Folly. See verse 58.
    • Pulled back from bliss by awareness and intellect. The Ruach not under Will, sabotaging entry into Briah.
    • Beloved -> Gemini? ADNI -> Sol.
  • The Appeal to Self -> One cannot force oneself to take action.
    • The self attached to Lilith prevents the Will from acting. In fact, Lust of Result -> force stayed in it’s inception. AL II:27.
  • The attachment is referred to as “Mine” in v. 21.
    • Ganesha -> Iesod also. One cannot master forces of hierarchy X from without it. Thus one needs to call upon authority within the scope of the problem.
    • Union in the Art -> Sagittarius.
    • Experience of Hadit, where everything is ADNI but the Aspirant. O!
    • ADNI being infinite and eternal.
    • Identification of ADNI as Kether. IT.
    • Permeating everything -> 0=2.
    • I -> Hadit.
  • Me -> Ego (the false self)
  • Mine -> What the Ego is attached to
  • Lutes -> disharmony (action) in the interaction of the Three above.
  • Violets -> No idea.
  • Roses -> Refers to negative veils. Most probably the whole refers to Kether or the City of Pyramids.
    • Pe -> Death, Fairly sudden, passing.
    • Aleph -> Sudden action, new impulse, disharmony
    • Nun -> Natural death, stillness at last.
  • Here, Pe and Aleph are a “testing of waters” so to speak for the aspirant, who begins losing himself in stillness.
    • Stillness being just part of the equation - movement is stillness in a manner also.
    • Adonai being beyond definition, as IT’s the unity thereof ((thinking about the Universe)).
    • Mastery of the Astral Plane doesn’t allow contact with the Angel.
  • Stillness = transcendence, which confers communion.
    • A cult cannot be built. Everything fails as soon as movement arises.
    • Everything IS the cult. Being that Thou art beyond the comprehension of all, this is the true face of the A.’.A.’.. ((tranced a little. Not sure if I should have made that claim)).
    • As above. Stillness -> death, change in stability. A lack thereof can prove advantageous.
    • Thrice -> searching in space. Since God is everywhere, one finds Him.((without fail)).
    • Those being distractions on the path to silence and stillness.
    • Adoration of All. Here: Nuit = Adonai, with Hadit being the reference point.((See Atu II))
    • The adept and Adonai work for each other’s benefit.
    • And there is no other work for them to do whatsoever.
    • Adonai being all-permeating and all-powerful is beyond any work. Thus, when the Adepthood is bestowed, it is Adonai who completes the Work, and the one who starts it.
  • The Aspirant is but the fuel which is burnt and transmuted by God, the aspiration being their link. ((In essence, the Aspirant is a marionette used by God in order that he can pay himself homage.))
    • Dog -> Gimel. Also see knees of the Unknown -> Atu II, who is Adonai.
    • Great delight -> mystical experience.
  • offering of intoxication -> anaesthesia for the union of the two (still imperfect in this verse((MS. says “chapter”, however that seems to be not quite true.))).
    • The aspirant is poisoned with aspiration - existential pain ensues. Utter consumption by the aspirant causes the vision((experience)) of the HGA from Tiphareth((Assiah)).
    • The aspirant identifies with the sub-elements of Water.
  • Harlot -> Fire of Water
    • Air of Water?
    • Earth of Water?
    • Water
    • Spirit of Water.
    • Expression of surrender
    • Expression of the Will to Unity((which could be understood also as Will to Power)).
  • It is important also to make a strong analysis of the formula IOA.
    • spilt blood -> essence of Water (by way of Pisces).
  • Ravens of dispersion -> Netzach -> thus the active force (aka BABALON).
    • seal unloosed -> limits and inhibitions let go
  • 8th abyss -> crossing of the abyss to Tiphareth in Brish, if we count every crossing between triads as a crossing of an abyss, and that Kether = Malkuth in the progression of the worlds.
  • vast sea -> Briah -> world of Water
  • rendering asunder -> 0=2 again. Full attainment of 5=6 ((fairly sure this should refer to the whole triad of Tiphareth-Geburah-Chesed)).
    • Wizard fount -> aqua vitae, fountain of youth.
  • lost me in Thy stillness -> Samadhi.
    • The becoming of an 8=3 -> /The brothers of the A.’.A.’. are women/((Liber 333 cap. 3)).
    • Appeal to Nuit (Binah).
    • Apeal to Chaos (Chokmah).
    • Butterfly at the source of creation -> Kether
  • death -> anihilation of Kether.
  • infinite stream -> Ain Soph Aur (see v.1).
    • Aquarius -> He. Once again, the adept is pulled towards Chokma which lies above the Tiphareth Attained. In this case, still in Briah.
    • Realization of the all-permeating principle, and re-affirmation of the unity of Adonai and the Adept. Also, a reaching out to Binah. See Liber 36, and Liber Yod.
    • Description of what Liber 36 does (continues until end).
    • Samadhi -> there is no possible description of the experience.
    • There remains naught but being.
    • All is one in the act of Unity. The Magus is slain by Kali, who rises as Baphomet, a brother to Set.
    • Identification with Xeper (Set), who finds his black Sun ((see Atu XVIII)).
    • Adonai = Ain.
    • As ones consciousness and awareness grows, our perspective changes, whereas the elements (objects) stay the same. All that ever was is as it ever will be. ((see AL II:57-58))
    • All will be attained once the Poison of the Infinite is injected. ((in due time))
    • A rejoicing of unity, where Horus and Set are joined as Thoth.
    • Affirmation of the only possible interaction being between the Adept and Adonai.


The Dog Rite

I won’t go into much detail on this, as most of it’s purpose is explained in the PDF on the page above. I just want to point out some very interesting correspondences that the writer of this ritual included.

First of all, the pentagrams of spirit being traced in all 8 directions -> Hod.

Secondly: Anthir = 666. This is true in most spellings however:

  • A-N-Th-I-R = 1 + 50 + 9 + 10 + 200 = 270. Resh - Ayin. Quite phallic.
  • A-N-T-H-I-R = 1 + 50 + 400 + 5 + 10 + 200 = 666.

Α-Ν-Θ-H-Ρ (Greek) = 1 + 50 + 9 + 8 + 100 = 168, which number refers to the paths of Resh, Samekh and Chet. Quite solar still, however now we see that the foundation of the working goes from the Sun towards the Moon, which is also the Foundation from which we spring towards Hod later here.

ΜΥΕΙΝ = 515

  • Now, MYEIN means the “closing of the eyes or mouth”. This refers to Harpocrates.
  • 515 equates to the Hebrew AShVHR, who is Ashur, the Assurian god of War. Thus, Ra-Hoor-Khuit.
  • This way, we’re invoking in fact the Lord of Initiation, Heru-Ra-Ha, as evidenced on Atu XX.


  • I could find no gematria on 895 in any of my databases, however, by Aiq Bkr, we find that it breaks into Pe f. - Tzaddi - He.
  • From this, Mars, Aries, Aquarius. Power subjected to Will and discipline attaining to the Star.
  • Alternatively, The House of God ruled by the One who Seeks the Star.
  • See Liber III: “Thus bind thyself, and thou shalt be for ever free.”

ΣΑΡΚΕΣ = 515

  • 515 = KLH. Also 5 + 3 + 5 = 13, which is the Water of Death (flesh), and a reference to the Kalas.


  • KHAIBIT is the Shadow, which Iesod is of Tiphareth.
  • 348 = BTzRVN -> Stronghold. Since Anubis refers to Iesod, his Stronghold has to be the Foundation.
  • Also 3+4+8 = 15 = 6, so again we see that everything that is happening is an aspect of Tiphareth.

Also it’s a good idea to check out It’s pretty good.

Shades’s Enochian protocol

First the prayer of Enoch

“Lord God the Fountain of true wisdom, thou that openest the secrets thy own self unto man, thou knowest mine imperfection and my inward darknesse : How can I (therefore) speak unto them that speak not after the voice of man ; or worthily call on thy name, considering that my imagination is variable and fruitlesse, and unknown to my self ? Shall the Sands seem to invite the Mountains : or can the small Rivers entertain the wonderful and unknown waves ? Can the vessel of fear, fragility, or that is of a determined proportion, lift up himself, heave up his hands, or gather the Sun into his bosom ?

Lord it cannot be : Lord my imperfection is great : Lord I am lesse than sand : Lord, thy good Angels and Creatures excell me far : our proportion is not alike ; our sense agreeth not : Notwithstanding I am comforted ; For that we have all one God, all one beginning from thee, that we respect thee a Creatour : Therefore will I call upon thy name, and in thee, I will become mighty. Thou shalt light me, and I will become a Seer ; I will see thy Creatures, and will magnifie thee amongst them.

Those that come unto thee have the same gate, and through the same gate, descend, such as thou sendest. Behold, I offer my house, my labour, my heart and soul, If it will please thy Angels to dweIl with me, and I with them ; to rejoyce with me, that I may rejoyce with them ; to minister unto me, that I may magnifie thy name. Then, lo the Tables (which I have provided, and according to thy will, prepared) I offer unto thee, and unto thy holy Angels, desiring them, in and through thy holy names : That as thou art their light, and comfortest them, so they, in thee will be my light and comfort.

Lord they prescribe not laws unto thee, so it is not meet that I prescribe laws unto them : What it pleaseth thee to offer, they receive ; So what it pleaseth them to offer unto me, will I also receive. Behold I say (O Lord) If I shall call upon them in thy name, Be it unto me in mercy, as unto the servant of the Highest. Let them also manifest unto me, How, by what words, and at what time, I shall call them. O Lord, Is there any that measure the heavens, that is mortal ? How, therefore, can the heavens enter into mans imagination ? Thy creatures are the Glory of thy countenance : Hereby thou glorifiest all things, which Glory excelleth and (O Lord) is far above my understanding.

It is great wisdom, to speak and talke according to understanding with Kings : But to command Kings by a subjected commandment, is not wisdom, unlesse it come from thee. Behold Lord, How shall I therefore ascend into the heavens ? The air wlll not carry me, but resisteth my folly, I fall down, for I am of the earth. Therefore, O thou very Light and true Comfort, that canst, and mayst, and dost command the heavens : Behold I offer these Tables unto thee, Command them as it pleaseth thee : and O you Ministers, and true lights of understanding, Governing this earthly frame, and the elements wherein we live, Do for me as for the servant of the Lord : and unto whom it hath pleased the Lord to talk of you.

Behold, Lord, thou hast appointed me 50 times ; Thrice 50 times will I lift my hands unto thee. Be it unto me as it pleaseth thee, and thy holy Ministers. I require nothing but thee, and through thee, and for thy honour and glory : But I hope I shall be satisfied, and shall not die, (as thou hast promised) until thou gather the clouds together, and judge all things : when in a moment I shall be changed and dwell with thee for ever.“ (Amen)

Then Psalm 100, King James Version (KJV)

100 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.

2 Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

3 Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

5 For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

Then The Call of the first heaven

Madriax ds praf TEX chis Micaolz saanir caosgo od fisis bal zizras Iaida nonca gohulim Micma adoian MAD I a od Bliorb sa ba ooaona chis Luciftias peripsol ds abraassa noncf netaa ib caosgi od tilb adphaht dam ploz tooat noncf gmi calzoma L rasd tofglo marb yarry I DOI GO od tor zulp ia o daf gohol caosga ta ba ord saanir od christeos yr poil ti ob l Bus dir tilb noaln pa id orsba od dodrmni zylna El zap tilb parm gi pe rip sax od ta qurlst bo o a pi S L nib m ov cho symp od Christeos Ag tol torn mirc q ti ob l Lel, Tom paombd dilzmo aspian, Od christeos Ag L tor torn parach a symp, Cord ziz dod pal od fifalz L s mnad od fargt bams omaoas Conisbra od auauox tonug Ors cat bl noasmi tab ges Leuith mong vnchi omp tilb ors. Bagle Mo o o ah ol cord ziz L ca pi ma o ix o maxip od ca co casb gsaa Baglen pi i tianta a ba ba lond od faorgt teloc vo v im Ma dri iax tirzu o adriax oro cha aboapri Tabaori priaz ar ta bas. A dr pan cor sta dobix Yol cam pri a zi ar coazior. Od quasb q ting Ripir pa a oxt sa ga cor. vm l od prd zar ca crg A oi ve a e cormpt TORZV ZACAR od ZAMRAN aspt sibsi but mona ds surzas tia baltan ODO cicle Qaa Od Ozama plapli Iad na mad.

Some Tables for the Tarot

The Minor Cards

No. Minor Arcana Angels of 72 (Shemhamphorasch) Demons of the Goetia 72 (Shemhamphorasch) Decanates Zodiac (as per Golden Dawn) Quinances (as per Paul Hughes-Barlow)
1 2 Wands Vehu / Vehuiah Baal VHV 00 – 10 Aries Day 00 - 5 Aries
2 3 Wands Yeli / Ieliel Agares YLY 10 – 20 Aries Day 5 - 10 Aries
3 4 Wands Sit / Sitael Vassago SIT 20 – 30 Aries Day 10 - 15 Aries
4 5 Disks Aulem / Elemiah Gamigin / Gamygyn OoLM 00 – 10 Taurus Day 15 - 20 Aries
5 6 Disks Mahash / Mahasiah Marbas MHSh 10 – 20 Taurus Day 20 - 25 Aries
6 7 Disks Lelah / Lelahel Valefor LLH 20 – 30 Taurus Day 25 - 30 Aries
7 8 Swords Aka / Aehaiah Amon AKA 00 – 10 Gemini Day 00 - 5 Taurus
8 9 Swords Kahath / Cahethel Barbatos KHTh 10 – 20 Gemini Day 5 - 10 Taurus
9 10 Swords Hezi / Haziel Paimon HZI 20 – 30 Gemini Day 10 - 15 Taurus
10 2 Cups Elad / Aladiah Buer ALD 00 – 10 Cancer Day 15 - 20 Taurus
11 3 Cups Lav / Lauiah Gusion LAV 10 – 20 Cancer Day 20 - 25 Taurus
12 4 Cups Hahau / Hahaziah Sytry HHO 20 – 30 Cancer Day 25 - 30 Taurus
13 5 Wands Yezel / Ieiazel Beleth IZL 00 – 10 Leo Day 00 - 5 Gemini
14 6 Wands Mebha / Mebahel Leraje / Lerajie MBH 10 – 20 Leo Day 5 - 10 Gemini
15 7 Wands Heri / Hariel Eligor HRI 20 – 30 Leo Day 10 - 15 Gemini
16 8 Disks Haquem / Hakamiah Separ HQM 00 – 10 Virgo Day 15 - 20 Gemini
17 9 Disks Lau / Leviah Botis LAV 10 – 20 Virgo Day 20 - 25 Gemini
18 10 Disks Keli / Caliel Bathin KLI 20 – 30 Virgo Day 25 - 30 Gemini
19 2 Swords Levo / Leuuiah Saleos LVV 00 – 10 Libra Day 00 - 5 Cancer
20 3 Swords Pahel / Pahaliah Purson PHL 10 – 20 Libra Day 5 - 10 Cancer
21 4 Swords Nelak / Nelchael Morax NLK 20 – 30 Libra Day 10 - 15 Cancer
22 5 Cups Yiai / Ieiaiel Ipos YYY 00 – 10 Scorpio Day 15 - 20 Cancer
23 6 Cups Melah / Melahel Aim MLH 10 – 20 Scorpio Day 20 - 25 Cancer
24 7 Cups Chaho / Hahuiah Naberius ChHV 20 – 30 Scorpio Day 25 - 30 Cancer
25 8 Wands Nethah / Nithaiah Glasya-Labolas NThH 00 – 10 Sagittarius Day 00 - 5 Leo
26 9 Wands Haa / Haaiah Bune HAA 10 – 20 Sagittarius Day 5 - 10 Leo
27 10 Wands Yereth / Ierathel Ronove YRTh 20 – 30 Sagittarius Day 10 - 15 Leo
28 2 Disks Shaah / Seehiah Berith ShAH 00 – 10 Capricornus Day 15 - 20 Leo
29 3 Disks Riyi / Reiiel Astaroth RYY 10 – 20 Capricornus Day 20 - 25 Leo
30 4 Disks Aum / Omael Forneus AUM 20 – 30 Capricornus Day 25 - 30 Leo
31 5 Swords Lekab / Lecabel Foras LKB 00 – 10 Aquarius Day 00 - 5 Virgo
32 6 Swords Vesher / Vasiariah Asmoday VShR 10 – 20 Aquarius Day 5 - 10 Virgo
33 7 Swords Yecho / Iehuiah Gaap YChV 20 – 30 Aquarius Day 10 - 15 Virgo
34 8 Cups Lehach / Lehahiah Furfur LHCh 00 – 10 Pisces Day 15 - 20 Virgo
35 9 Cups Kaveq / Chavakiah Marchosias KVQ 10 – 20 Pisces Day 20 - 25 Virgo
36 10 Cups Menad / Monadel Stolas MND 20 – 30 Pisces Day 25 - 30 Virgo
37 2 Wands Ani / Aniel Phenex ANI 00 – 10 Aries Night 00 - 5 Libra
38 3 Wands Chaum / Haamiah Malthus / Halphas ChOM 10 – 20 Aries Night 5 - 10 Libra
39 4 Wands Rehau / Rehael Malphas RHO 20 – 30 Aries Night 10 - 15 Libra
40 5 Disks Yeiz / Ihiazel Raum YYZ 00 – 10 Taurus Night 15 - 20 Libra
41 6 Disks Hahah* / Hahahel Focalor HHH 10 – 20 Taurus Night 20 - 25 Libra
42 7 Disks Mik / Michael Sabnock MIK 20 – 30 Taurus Night 25 - 30 Libra
43 8 Swords Veval / Vevaliah Vepar VVL 00 – 10 Gemini Night 00 - 5 Scorpio
44 9 Swords Yelah / Ielahiah Shax YLH 10 – 20 Gemini Night 5 - 10 Scorpio
45 10 Swords Sael / Sealiah Vine SAL 20 – 30 Gemini Night 10 - 15 Scorpio
46 2 Cups Auri / Ariel Bifrons ORI 00 – 10 Cancer Night 15 - 20 Scorpio
47 3 Cups Aushal / Asaliah Vual OShL 10 – 20 Cancer Night 20 - 25 Scorpio
48 4 Cups Milah / Mihael Haagenti MIH 20 – 30 Cancer Night 25 - 30 Scorpio
49 5 Wands Vaho / Vehuel Crocell VHV 00 – 10 Leo Night 00 - 5 Sagittarius
50 6 Wands Doni / Daniel Furcas DNY 10 – 20 Leo Night 5 - 10 Sagittarius
51 7 Wands Hachash / Hahaziah Balam HChSh 20 – 30 Leo Night 10 - 15 Sagittarius
52 8 Disks Aumem / Imamiah Alocer OMM 00 – 10 Virgo Night 15 - 20 Sagittarius
53 9 Disks Nena / Nanael Caim NNA 10 – 20 Virgo Night 20 - 25 Sagittarius
54 10 Disks Neith / Nithael Murmur NITh 20 – 30 Virgo Night 25 - 30 Sagittarius
55 2 Swords Mabeth / Mebahiah Orobas MBH 00 – 10 Libra Night 00 - 5 Capricorn
56 3 Swords Poi / Poiel Gremory / Gomory PVI 10 – 20 Libra Night 5 - 10 Capricorn
57 4 Swords Nemem / Nemamaih Ose NMM 20 – 30 Libra Night 10 - 15 Capricorn
58 5 Cups Yeil / Ieilael Amy YYL 00 – 10 Scorpio Night 15 - 20 Capricorn
59 6 Cups Harach / Harahel Orias HRCh 10 – 20 Scorpio Night 20 - 25 Capricorn
60 7 Cups Metzer / Mizrael Vapula MTzR 20 – 30 Scorpio Night 25 - 30 Capricorn
61 8 Wands Vameb / Umabel Zagan VMB 00 – 10 Sagittarius Night 00 - 5 Aquarius
62 9 Wands Yehah* / Iahhel Valac IHH 10 – 20 Sagittarius Night 5 - 10 Aquarius
63 10 Wands Aunu / Annauel Andras ONV 20 – 30 Sagittarius Night 10 - 15 Aquarius
64 2 Disks Machi / Mehekiel Flauros MChI 00 – 10 Capricornus Night 15 - 20 Aquarius
65 3 Disks Dameb / Damabiah Andrealphus DMB 10 – 20 Capricornus Night 20 - 25 Aquarius
66 4 Disks Menak / Menkel Cimeries MNQ 20 – 30 Capricornus Night 25 - 30 Aquarius
67 5 Swords Asau / Eiael Amduscias AIO 00 – 10 Aquarius Night 00 - 5 Pisces
68 6 Swords Chebo / Habuiah Belial ChBV 10 – 20 Aquarius Night 5 - 10 Pisces
69 7 Swords Raah / Rochel Decarabia RAH 20 – 30 Aquarius Night 10 - 15 Pisces
70 8 Cups Yekem / Iibamiah Seere IBM 00 – 10 Pisces Night 15 - 20 Pisces
71 9 Cups Haiai / Haiaiel Dantalian HYY 10 – 20 Pisces Night 20 - 25 Pisces
72 10 Cups Moum / Mumiah Andromalius MVM 20 – 30 Pisces Night 25 - 30 Pisces


Letter Element World Family role Court cards Sephira((on the Tree of Life)) Small cards
Yod Fire Atziluth Father Knights Chokma 2
He Water Briah Mother Queens Binah 3
Shin Spirit Represented by the Aces in each of the Worlds, as well as the Major cards     Kether Ace
Vav Air Yetzirah Son Prince Tiphareth 6
He f.((final)) Earth Assiah Daughter Princess Malkuth 10


Element Humidity Temperature
Fire Dry Hot
Earth Dry Cold
Air Wet Hot
Water Wet Cold

Zodiacal attributions

Wands Cardinal Fire   Disks Fixed Earth   Swords Mutable Air   Cups Cardinal Water   Wands Fixed Fire   Disks Mutable Earth  
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Queen   Prince     Knight     Queen     Prince     Knight     Queen
0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30°
Swords Cardinal Air   Cups Fixed Water   Wands Mutable Fire   Disks Cardinal Earth   Swords Fixed Air   Cups Mutable Water  
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Queen   Prince     Knight     Queen     Prince     Knight     Queen
0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30° 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20° - 30°

Major Arcana

Hebrew letter Path English # Atu Title Sephiroth Connection Attribution
א Aleph Ox 0 The Fool Kether - Chokmah Air
ב Beth House I The Magician Kether - Binah Mercury
ג Gimel Camel II The High Priestess Kether - Tiphareth Moon
ד Daleth Door III The Empress Chokmah - Binah Venus
צ Tzaddi Fish-hook IV The Emperor Netzach - Yesod Aries
ו Vav Nail V The Hierophant Chokmah - Chesed Taurus
ז Zain Sword VI The Lovers Binah - Tiphareth Gemini
ח Chet Fence VII The Chariot Binah - Geburah Cancer
ל Lamed Ox-Goad VIII Adjustment Geburah - Tiphareth Libra
י Yod Hand IX The Hermit Chesed - Tiphareth Virgo
כ Kaph Palm X Wheel of Fortune Chesed - Netzach Jupiter
ט Teth Serpent XI Lust Chesed - Geburah Leo
מ Mem Water XII The Hanged Man Geburah - Hod Water
נ Nun Fish XIII Death Tiphareth - Netzach Scorpio
ס Samekh Prop XIV Art Yesod - Tiphareth Sagittarius
ע Ayin Eye XV Devil Tiphareth - Hod Capricorn
פ Pe Mouth XVI The Tower Netzach - Hod Mars
ה He Window XVII The Star Chokmah - Tiphareth Aquarius
ק Qoph Back of Head XVIII The Moon Netazch - Malkuth Pisces
ר Resh Head XIX Sun Hod - Yesod Sol
ש Shin Tooth XX Aeon Malkuth - Hod Fire/ Spirit
ת Tau Cross XXI Universe Malkuth - Yesod Saturn

Random Notes and Snippets

On mapping reality

It seems that upon reaching Iesod all formalized systems of mapping reality fail.

There is no exception. The aspirant who has reached Iesod is left entirely on his own with regards to his inner alchemy. His cosmos is beyond criticism, because his cultural wealth is necessarily unique.

The only common points we share as Stars is the space we occupy in Malkuth, and our interactions in mind.

Thus we can only ever know God, and therefore he is dead.

What follows Iesod is complete derealization and madness, or an immersion in Binah, which is attained through complete understanding of ones circumstances in Life.

Only then can the Three Questions be answered:

  • Where do I come from?
  • Where am I going?
  • Who am I?

These questions in turn correspond to the three sephiroth, 3, 2, 1.

On the functions of the officers

5=6 - Cancellarius - To Record 6=5 - Imperator - To Command 7=4 - Praemonstrator - To Instruct

Motta’s correspondences between A.A. and O.T.O. grades

O.T.O. A.’.A.’.
I° & II° 0 = 0
III° 1 = 10
::: 2 = 9
IV° 3 = 8
4 = 7
VI° 5 = 6 Without
VII° 5 = 6 Within
VIII° 6 = 5
IX° 7 = 4
XI° 8 = 3

Attributions of the YHShVH formula

Pentagrammaton Yod He Shin Vav He f.
Elemental attributions Fire Water Spirit Air Earth
Powers of the Sphinx Dare Keep Silence Go Know Will
4L Liberty 1I decided on this based on the fact that Will has to have potential to manifest, and Liberty is precisely that; the potential to express Will. Also this connects very nicely with IHI AVR, or “Let there be Light”. Love   Light Life
4P Power Passion   Perception Putrefaction
4D Destiny Debauch   Darkness Death
Vision of Universal Mercury Mercurius de Mercurio Per Viam Lucis Deus te Adjutabitur! Christus de Christo Per Vitam Crucis
Thelemic Forms 2These come from the Star Ruby, save for RHK. Hadit Babalon Ra-Hoor-Khuit Nuit Θηρίον
Signs of NOX 3Not entirely sure about this, but elementally they fit very well, so this is something to consider also. Puer Mulier I.R. Puella Vir
Tarot Atu 4By letter – it seems relevant that this seems to be a self-regenerating formula, when we consider the periods of Speech and Silence as the Hierophant and the Hermit respectively. Hermit Star Aeon Hierophant Star

Pentagram attributions

  Top Left Right Bottom Left Bottom Right
G.’.D.’. Spirit Air Water Earth Fire
PLanetary according to DRJ Jupiter Mercury Mars Venus Sun


Hebrew Gematria

NOX as Nun-Ayin-Tzaddi = 210 = Nephilim [HB] = ARACh (Achatha Ruach Alhim Chayyim [not sure is correct spelling], One is the Spirit of the Living God) = Spirit, which may (or may not) indicate Neshamah. Also, IS [Greek], being Strength, and LINON, which is linen. Fun how that plays with the function of the Robe.

Greek Qabalah

ΝΟΞ = 910

Greek Translation Factors
Απειθεω I don’t comply 2x5x7x13
Διαμενω I Remain((for an extended period of time)) 2x5x7x13
Διανεμω I Divide 2x5x7x13
Δωρεα Gifts 2x5x7x13

Also of some note: βαρβέλο = 210 Βαρβέλω = 960


The Pæan is fairly straightforward. Pan is, simply put, the Greek god of fertility. There is much to be said about him, and the Night of Pan, as well as the mythos which surrounds him – research into the matter will reveal another side to the simple analysis offered here.

IΩ ΠΑΝ = 810 + 131 = 941 = ΜΑΧΛΟΣ, which is lustfulness. ΙΩ = 810 = ΦΙΛΟΣ = ΚΥΠΡΙΣ, who is Cypris, a name of Aphrodite. ΠΑΝ1 = 131 = ΓΟΝΗ = ΘΑΟΜΑΙ = ΤΟΥ ΘΑΝΑΤΟΥ

Now, in a less strict context, we can approach IO as a simple formula. If we break it down to Yod and Ayin, we suddenly find that the TARO is very clear about it. From Yod, we get the Hand, and from the image of Ayin we get the Phallus. Thus, we get a rather crude formula of male masturbation.

We can break ΠΑΝ into Pe, Aleph and Nun, which is the Tower, the Fool, and Death. This is the reverse of an inverted (backwards to forwards) IAO formula. To put this into some context, let us consider the formula of IAO as Isis-Apophis-Osiris. First, there is the joy of life, which is soon overcome by chaos, succeeded by complete overthrowing of the status quo.

If we take this backwards, we get the formula of OAI, which can be thought ofas a reversal of the process taking place within IAO. So we’re starting with the end product, who is Osiris risen, and we witness him losing his divinity, as he becomes Typhon. Once this chaos relaxes, however, he is no longer Osiris, as he has come back to the root of his being, Isis.

Now, if we take ΠΑΝ, we are first experiencing utter destruction and destabilization, followed by our own birth, and the rising of the serpent. At this stage, it is only symbolic – the real work of this part is done with Liber Reguli. It is interesting to note however, that death is strongly connected with the number 451, and Osiris is found crossing the Abyss, and becoming Isis.

So we’re not working with just the idea of death, but that of a reversal of time and evolutionary processes (in this case, associated with the Fall from Grace). This plays nicely with the previously mentioned „lifting” of Tiphareth back to it’s original place.

Kapala (from AUMGN)

“In the Mind”, it would seem. I came across this while reseraching the origins of Qabbalah.
Seems to have something to do with doors or gateways. The rituals are intense.
The knowledge is well hidden. Maybe for a good reason.

Enochian starter info (from trippyBastard)

Anyway, what would you suggest for a starter in Enochian proper?

Tyson’s book actually outlines the material and the problems it presents rather well. DRJ says that if Tyson’s take on it scares you away, that’s probably for the best.

I agree with Tyson’s take, by the way. I just thought it was a bit too sensationalized.

The best presentation of the material is probably in Turner’s, Elizabethan Magic, sadly out of print.

The Golden Dawn approach to practical work is now out of favor, perhaps for the best, but it doesn’t look like there is much out there to replace it.

For a nice tour of the aethyrs, 418 of course. My favorite exercise is to read 418 one aethyr per day for 30 days, while keeping a journal noting any dreams, thoughts, &c. You cannot stop, of course. You are almost certainly going to find something interesting and that gives you a place to start.

Memory (Crowley)

“This is another reason for sneering but not the one I sneered for. The question had arisen in my mind as to how many links of memory were possible, or at least, what was the record. I see that a great many of my own arguments depend, first of all, upon memory, and I see very clearly indeed that the failure of humanity to recognize my greatness depends very largely on the physiological fact that the average memory fails to retain more than about one tenth of what mine does. Hence, all my allusions fall flat and the chain of reasoning which I propose breaks down in their opinion when it gets beyond a certain number of links. […] It is very silly of me to keep on pointing out that every step is simple. Of course it is: every step always is. What is baffling these people is the actual number of steps: anything more than five gives them a pain in the old place.”

–Crowley, diary entry 05/30/1923 e.v.

The Tantric BDSM Format

Bondage increases sensory awareness & sensitivity through the use of “asana” and “Pratyahara” which means more energy can be harnessed & generated.

The sexual energy generated is extremely potent. The mind becomes extremely focused through “Dharana” & enters an altered state/trance or subspace with similar aspects of “Samyama” which can help with trance work, astral work, spirit communication & ones clairvoyant ability.

Energy becomes more tangible & is able to be directed more clearly. The delay or with holding of orgasm brings on altered states & helps generate a lot of energy. In addition surrendering orgasm control sets up the psychological link, placing the priestess in a reactionary state.

She actively listens for the direction of the Magician, seeking his Will. The longer this is done the more energy generated & the more effective the magick will be.

Something of import?

The most celebrated of the Babylonians, together with Ostanes and Zoroaster, very properly call the starry Spheres “Herds”; whether because these alone among corporeal magnitudes, are perfectly carried about around a Centre, or in conformity to the Oracles, because they are considered by them as in a certain respect the bonds and collectors of physical reasons, which they likewise call in their sacred discourse “Herds” (agelous) and by the insertion of a gamma (aggelous) Angels. Wherefore the Stars which preside over each of these herds are considered to be Deities or Dæmons, similar to the Angels, and are called Archangels; and they are seven in number.

How to Read Aleister Crowley

Crowley’s idea of making something clear, is to first remove any direct expression of the topic. Second, make as many obscure allusions as you can which only are only related by being vaguely analogous to the main topic, which shall never be named. Then replace key words with numbers or vaguely related symbols. Finally pepper the paragraph with snide remarks and witty allusions to your how clever you are, and don’t forget to claim that what you meant is one of the more literal meanings of the text, when what you really wanted to express, was the unexpressed secret meaning.

Then latter in an unrelated book, make an allusion to the secret meaning, in an derogatory way towards those inferior minds who haven’t figured it all out yet.

Frater K’s writings

On Magistry

5=6 is K&C. 7=4 is an Exemptus, free from the wheel of Samsara. His goal is to Cross the Abyss and forge a link to 8=3. A lot of people feel that this link comes from those dwelling in the “City of Pyramids” who’ve founded…things, lines, great modes of thought. It’s implied all over 333. It’s a good book.

Babe of the Abyss implies some form of ego death, but not Nirvana because you walk back down the mountain to instruct. It has to be Samadhi. Constant delves into Samadhi. One could THEORETICALLY according to some LHP (read: Saivism), implies that one’s ego can excrete into such a powerful extant spiritual entity that it functions more or less with complete autonomy. Crowley himself implies this all the times that he INSISTS that V.V.V.V.V. was someone external to him.

Further conjecture can be found in the Sapphire Tablet of Set.

“If you read these passages carefully [referring to one star in sight], you will see the paradox inherent in them. To become an (8)=[3], a (7)=[4] must destroy his capacity for logical thought, i.e. his ability to draw inductive or deductive conclusions from phenomena of the material universe.

Since it is just this capacity that is the essential characteristic of the Self [“Cogito ergo sum”, if you will], the (7)=[4] is in effect invited to obliterate what it is that makes him a unique entity. Theoretically he is “reconstituted by the gods in a perfect form” - an ideal “self”. Herein lies the heart of the paradox, which is also the central theme of Genesis III. It is that an independent Will, capable of perceiving itself in contrast to the material Universe, cannot be a product of forces germane to that Universe. The freedom of the Will necessitates the ability of the Will to move both with and against Universal patterns [i.e. “laws”]. The Will is self-creating, self-sustaining, and self-improving. This is the basis for the Formula of the Aeon of Set XXX.”

What Aquino doesn’t seem to realize, however, is that it is this reconstitution that IS the goal. It is YET ANOTHER experience that is integrated. Samadhi is impermanent, and as such the Ego must come out of it STRONGER after being subjected to near death, or a death like state. Quote I. Regardie w/r/t Ego inflation and Magick (in a letter to Aquino.):

“…Magick, generally speaking, still does not recognize the ego-inflationary aspect of its own system - which is why there are so many casualties….Achad, theoretically, was educated in the notion of “destroying the ego” by crossing the Abyss, (so called) but it did not save him from inflationary activities of the ego such as asserting the equivalence of his own grade of Neophyte 1=10 with the supernal grade of Ipsissimus 10=1.This is asinine from the ordinary point of view and doesn’t make sense….the every process of Magick puffs up the ego. This may be desirable up to a certain point….”

“These Ego inflations are commonplace, and often disastrous. Look at Ken Grant. The key here is to have something, something WORKABLE and EFFICACIOUS, and dare I say something with BROAD APPEAL to empty oneself into. Thereby one establishes a star, or constellation, even better, in the sky of Jupiter, WHICH IS EXPANSION ITSELF.”

^My record.

Crossing the Abyss, and being able to actually DEVOTE oneself to this task (and thereby attain it. Just being able to identify this concept does nothing to actually accomplish it.) is where the Ego is extinguished for the last time; the total immersion, into a method of FORM - the BABALON function. The Magi become ‘Christlike’ in the process of becoming a Magister Templi, if only in the idea that one is about to found a school of philosophical thought.

What Aquino either fails to realize, or conceals from initiates, is the concept of the Magister Templi becoming its OWN EXTANT ENTITY, much as VVVVV became for Crowley. The Self as a Magister Templi is (Quoted from the Sapphire Tablet) INDEPENDANT:

“Look at it this way: The Magister Templi is one who can perceive and comprehend the entire material Universe. In order to do this, there must be no part of him which is an accessory of that same Universe. He - his Will - must be independent / separate / distinct. This necessitates an extremely strong presence of mind, an ego that is sufficiently reinforced by itself not to require “crutches” from the material Universe, and a determination to fight off the panic that could result from the sensation of being utterly alone. The Magister Templi, if he is truly entitled to that degree, possesses the abilities necessary to thwart those dangers. Those who presume to that degree without understanding them or the severe mental pressures they can cause, do in fact suffer the fate that Crowley prescribes: they either die or lose their sanity.”

This sort of independent nature seems to be a deep seated implication in Crowley’s works as well, most concealed to the profane in his insistence that VVVVV was exterior to himself. Essentially, it seems that the Will of a Magister Templi, having crossed the Abyss, is torn away and made exemplified, also implying that the exemption of an Adept is in part the release of that Will as an HGA unto itself. This is what happens in the moment in the Abyss when the Adept is truly ‘alone’. Without the HGA, who waits on the other side of the Veil in the City of Pyramids, or the Ego complex, which is torn away and also waits in the City of Pyramids, the Adept’s only hope is to be swept up by BABALON, which perhaps is a vision of the Order or school the Adept is to form.

This becomes very interesting in terms of ‘paths’ (Left or Right) and certain methods of magick meant to make the human form immortal, like LaVey’s or the Book of Coming forth by Dawn. If the latter is to be understood correctly, it is a method by which the Magi can ‘program’ his ego complex into reality after or just prior to ‘death‘.

I usually don’t just show people my records.

–Fr. K.

Z’s writings

On systems

Something I have been pondering for quite a while on (from my record):

The problem with the occult as a whole is that all systems are all-encompassing. That is, whatever I can possibly discover is already there (described by the various systems). There is nothing new to discover.

Sure, we can make connections & correlations, however in the end we cannot possibly step outside of these boundaries as long as we are incarnated (I assume this is because of the constrictions of the material plane).

Hell, even the correlation Achad found was already in the letters - the biggest problem that I can perceive is that the Qabalah can be used to justify anything whatsoever when one just takes the time to do his research on any given number, or just substitutes his own meaning (yes, this is a valid approach).

There is little to prevent this sort of abuse, and I’ve seen far too much “proof” of attainment being laid out in terms of gematria to believe that it holds any water. Sure, at the lower level (Ruach and below), this makes sense, since it’s an expression of the Chaos of Chokmah within the Womb of Binah.

Further, as the Exempt Adept is able to logically comprehend the Universe, the Magister cannot. The 8=3 perceives the Womb for the first time as a whole of disjointed & separate objects. Trying to make any sense of the world in this perpetual trance can only lead to madness, therefore the clause of treating everything as a play of God with ones Soul is necessary, as it allows one to stop analyzing, and instead trust God (in this case, 156) with ones everything.

Consequently, as the 8=3 perceives objects (and their movement on an individual basis - i.e. the Magister is still part of the Whole system), so does the 9=2 perceive the whole of the movement of all objects. He therefore must stand outside of the system which operates within the Womb of BABALON. Thus he is the Magus who can perform his Will fully, in perfect knowledge and precision.

Below that grade, I cannot possibly imagine anyone being able to “do their Will”.

The 5=6 only gets the Vision of God in Malkuth. The 6=5 perpetuates it, while the 7=4 loses it as the boundary between him and the Angel dissolves rapidly. The 8=3 then finds himself in a wholly different mindset, as THAT which is conscious within BABALON. Then by finding the exit from the Womb of the Great Mother, he is born as the Magus, and assumes his own life as the All-Father, without the boundaries of the Mother, and is free to do as he Will without any interference soever.

Prejudice in the community

For some time now, I have encountered the phenomenon of students being rejected because of their selected fields of study. Hermetic Qabalistist rejected from Alchemical studies, Thelemites from Hermetic groups, etc. For example, a friend of mine was just told, in no uncertain terms, that he’d have to stop studying Thelema and Qabalah if he was to be accepted as a student of Alchemy.

But the rejection factor alone isn’t a problem in and of itself - obviously some are not fit for certain fields. However the underlying basis of it is rather troublesome, and rarely talked about in the occult community as such.

I have met many situations where the core of the issue wasn’t as much with the aspiring student, but rather with the so-called “mentor” who offered his teachings. On the one hand, sure, I can see that some things may not be useful. If I wanted to become an Alchemist, I don’t need to study Qabalah. On the other hand, there is nothing inherently wrong with studying anything else. Much to the contrary, due to the syncretic nature of the Great Work, it seems to me that not allowing any field of study is equal to being backstabbed by your own mentor.

One can see a perfect example of this in the Holy Tarot. It is the book of reference for those serious enough to study it in enough depth. Verily, it reconciles astrology, alchemy, Qabalah, philosophy, mythology, history, mathematics (geometry) and language into a coherent set of 78 cards with infinite meanings.

Certainly you will agree with me when I say that every card sheds light not only on the issues it directly deals with, but also on the various elements which make it up. For example, the 2 of Wands, The Lord of Dominion. For Two, we have Chokmah, which is Chaos. For astrology, we have Mars in Aries. For Wands, we have Fire. Thus we see that the card itself represents total, chaotic expansion straight into physical matter in a very war-like fashion.

In the same way, by just knowing the meaning of the card and two of the 4 symbols that make it up, we can interpolate between them and find what the meaning of the missing two is.

That is why I automatically distrust anyone who claims that one path is better than another, or that one should give up one field to study another. Esoteric Truth doesn’t speak just one language. By following just one path, you will have a glimpse at Truth, yes. But only from one side. To attain fully, one needs to understand all paths, and the ways they relate to each-other. Only then can one really grab the Crystal and examine it closely, in order to define it’s shape.


A child molester connected to Thelema?

Note: this is old news, and has been publicly available on my website for years. Feel free to e-mail me with any corrections or additional info. Please don’t stir drama about this. James Wasserman is long dead already, and I hear that the other guy is still grooming kids with the promise of teaching them magic. Nothing to be done about it.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

So, there’s this chomo (child molester). He spent 15 years doing hard time for the abduction, kidnapping, imprisonment, and rape of an elementary school-age child. The thing is; he was a low level member of the Motta line, and when Motta died, he didn’t know what to do. So, he sought out the underdog among Motta’s disciples. Someone he felt could tolerate him; the master our chomo sought was none other than James Daniel Gunther. Now, none of this abduction/rape had not occurred yet, but during a Thelemic festival in the mid eighties, he was thrown out for bringing a 13 year old girl to be used as a Yogini. The event split, and the people against him performing the ritual won out; they tossed him on his ass (though he likely boinked the girl on the way home or something). Among those present at this event was Nema; a black sheep in organized Thelema. Doesn’t play well with others, you see… slightly mad, an associate of Kenneth Grant.

Anyway, this chomo marries, has kids, and starts “initiating people” to the “A.’.A.’.”. His practices end up landing him in court, divorce, and it’s revealed all of the fucked up things he’d do to A.’.A.’. aspirants (his “initiation” consisted of driving around men and women for hours, blindfolded, then leading them into his home where he would force them into painful and bizarre sexual acts (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there is something wrong with it if there’s not consent and it was done under the pretense of rituals that SHOULD NOT have a sexual component). Anyway, as time drags on, he looses custody of his kids and snaps; abducting a child to finalize his descent into harmful sexual practices.

So he serves his time. Years pass and when he’s freed, he notices a changed world. His line of A.’.A.’. (Gunther) is on top. Some of his old friends are now heads of the Caliphate OTO. He starts attending meetings, while violating rules of conduct. No one notices, or cares, or something. This continues for a good long while. Early this year James Wasserman (one of the heads of the OTO and Gunther A.’.A.’., who was on that discovery channel show about secret societies and delivered a speech at the 2009 Press Association conference in DC -he’d just written a book about Freemasonic influences on DC landmarks) is contacted by an ’associate’ and alternatively a ’colleague’. This mysterious individual recommends that Wasserman contact and WRITE A BOOK with this chomo. Well, the gears start to turn, and an outline is produced and handed to the high level OTO members for approval for publication. A group of SGIG’s (Sovereign Grand Inspectors General) noticed the name on the submission and flipped their shit. Being old enough to remember these incidents in years gone by, they didn’t want the OTO to be associated with such a high profile chomo. The SGIGs approaches Wasserman and gives him all of the information about the chomo. Wasserman says “I don’t care, he’s a changed man, and an important part of our A.’.A.’.” This just upsets our SGIGs even more, who contacted people from the event mentioned earlier (the 13 year old Yogini incident), including Nema. They all went to Wasserman, and he still won’t drop the project.

Our SGIGs then pull out their trump card, contacting one of the girls our chomo has assaulted, who was all grown up. 30 now. The woman comes in and tells Wasserman all of the horrors in painstaking detail. After this, and only after this, does Wasserman budge, rescinds his signatures for sponsorship to bring the chomo, officially, into the OTO.

A few questions here bear asking. Why was the minority group of SGIG’s the ones who wanted keep Wasserman from writing this book? Who was this mysterious “associate/colleague”? (for clues, notice that in the recent fill/kill controversy, William Breeze refers to Gunther as his “associate” or “colleague”). Why was Wasserman so adamant about writing this book for so long into the process? Perhaps the most important question of all: Would YOU consider joining an A.’.A.’. lineage that condones/approves of/covers up the predatory practices of a scumbag chomo in their midst?

Now, you can believe all of this or not. I don’t expect anyone out there to believe that I am in such close contact with the governing body of the Ordo Templi Orients (Electoral Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General). Besides, this isn’t so much an OTO matter anymore anyway; it’s an A.’.A.’. matter, illustrating the danger in associating oneself with the “One True Official and Approved” lineage of the Astron Argon. Take care, and keep yourselves safe. Trust your intuition, and your judgement. Think critically, and reflect long and hard before you choose to affiliate with ANY group; A.’.A.’. or otherwise. Most importantly, don’t fall prey to the insidious poison of spiritual hubris.

Love is the law, love under will.

Nofe from editor: The above is the leak as I received it. The below links are what I have gathered from independent sources, as I believe this issue is quite important, as is corroborating the above with actual news.,8749102,3152756