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Basic Techniques of Sex Magick

The following has been transcribed from a file titled “Ebook – Aleister Crowley – Basic Techniques of Sex Magick.pdf”. I have been unable to track down the author. I have taken the liberty of correcting/ fixing certain issues with wording, to clarify precisely what is meant.

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The Tantric BDSM Format

I’m not certain where I got a hold of this short piece, and I wasn’t able to track down its source. I’m reposting it so it’s not lost in the annals of time.

Bondage increases sensory awareness & sensitivity through the use of “asana” and“Pratyahara” which means more energy can be harnessed & generated.

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Liber ΠΑΝ vel Rubinus Lapis: An Analysis of the Star Ruby

File:Star ruby.jpg
Star Ruby

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

It’s been a long time coming. I started writing this analysis of Liber 25 around 2013.

Since then, the ritual of the Star Ruby has been on my mind, persistently demanding that I give it work and attention.

So I got myself together and went over it. I re-wrote large portions of it, straightened out some mistakes, found better sources, checked the maths, etc. etc.

I won’t go into the reasons behind this do-over. Suffice to say, it gracefully coincided with the revival of the Open Source Order of Arcanum Adytum.

And so, I published it under the auspices of the OSOA∴A∴.

You can grab a copy of the analysis of Liber XXV by clicking here:

I hope it serves you well.

Love is the law, love under will.


Resh, Ruby, Reguli

[Note: This is all my own conjecture based on my own experience. Tread cautiously.]

Resh -> Ruby -> Reguli

Liber Resh vel Helios (200) consists of four adorations given to solar deities at the four stations of the Sun.

These are to be followed by the appropriate adoration from Liber Θεσαυρού Είδολων vel The Treasure House of Images (963).

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