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Direct Response Initiation?

Recently I saw someone post some a response advertisements from the old days of the O.T.O.:

No automatic alt text available.

So I thought… wouldn’t it be funny to write a short bit of direct response copy for the gags and giggles?

Here’s what 5 minutes of my time ended up creating:

A rather 

This is, obviously, only a lead. I tried to keep the tone at least “somewhat serious”, and it’d require a lot of work to make this into anything more than a joke.


Correspondences between O.T.O. and A∴A∴ grades

Taken from Marcelo Motta:

I° & II°0° = 0
III°1° = 10 & 2° = 9
IV°3° = 8
4° = 7
VI°5° = 6 Without
VII°5° = 6 Within
VIII°6° = 5
IX°7° = 4
XI°8° = 3

Note: this is not to be taken literally, and may just as well be entirely wrong, as many of Motta’s ideas are.

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