Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

As we all (or should) know, the four grades of the Outer College are set about by the attainment of control over ones inner, elemental faculties. I have, under the influence of Kali, come to the preposterous conclusion that each grade requires for one not to “surrender” ones Task to the spirit of the HGA, but instead to force ones way with the given element, in order to establish ones unquestionable authority over ones qualities.

Edit (24/10/2015): I wouldn’t say “force” is the right word, any more. “Manage the element” sounds much better, and is more appropriate, now that I read this again. As for authority, it’s less that. It’s more like “integrating” the element into how one functions — so that it’s helpful, rather than a hindrance or obstacle.

As such, the Neophyte is not so much required to allow the HGA to communicate the symbols of the Pentacle, as much as to commit with confidence and authority his sigil as proof of his attainment in Malkuth.

As the Probationer learns about Malkuth, due to her introspective and receptive influence (the pentacle), the Neophyte carves the pentacle with Iesod’s dagger, the Zelator purifies the Waters of Iesod in the Black Chalice of Hod, the Practicus directs his intellect with the powers of Will, and the Philosophus Places his Will under the command of his Holy Guardian Angel, that is, the Silent Self.

These processes are chained. One cannot initiate one without starting all the others; for to reach the Probationer, the Light of Tiphareth has to descend through Netzach, Hod, Iesod, and Malkuth. Sadly, the Probationer unknowingly (most of the time) focuses on just one part of the tasks that he has oathed himself to (as the Oath of Probation implies the Oath of Adeptus Minor).

As the authority of the Angel is conferred on the Probationer, so does his responsibility for his life reach 100%.

Again; the one Oath, that of Probationer, puts the whole machine into work at once. Necessarily, one is forced to work on all planes that this concerns; that is, from Malkuth to Tiphareth, in order to “force” oneself into a desirable shape, so that the Angel might inhabit ones body.

I do realize this is slightly out there, and probably not a very interesting concept to many, however I do believe that there is merit in alternative views on the grade structure, and how they interact between each-other. Also keep in mind that this are just my thoughts; I might be right, I might be wrong.

Any comments/ critiques/ thoughts are welcome, as this is a very rough idea, that isn’t at all fleshed out yet. I think I will be working on it over the next several weeks if luck allows.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.